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Morning buddies!  Day 17, things are moving along!  I love checking in on your posts, and it really keeps me going.  No-one around here is really interested in my Whole30 or my food choices or even my positive results, so it is sooo  good to have you all around.

Yea - wine sniffing is good.  I'm going to a festival this weekend with a group of friends and there will be lots of wine, and food and sugared treats, so I will have to start planning - help!  The weekend is actually all about theater so I have to get my mind around enjoying the shows, that's why we are going.  Food just gets in the way!  I got the cravings this morning, just keep thinking about treats.  I am trying water and a few other small rewards to get through it.  Makes me realize how I used to set my day up around food treats.

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w30niri, I think the freeze dried fruit is a good idea to get you through, so don't be too hard on yourself, you didnt cheat and thats good!  I had a small supper last night before a meeting then was hungry when I got home so made a fruit salad with cashews. My stomach was so grateful, I could hear it thanking me.  In fact my whole digestive system is clearly grateful, and feeling so much better.  

Treig, your Mom's chocolate cake must have been a real test - that's tough - well done for sticking with it!  Why is it that mothers feel they must show their love by baking delicious but unhealthy food?  I can see how I sometimes fall into that trap.  Sometimes I think my girls will remember me as a good mom if I can bake beautifully and always have yummy treats at home.  In fact I am a terrible baker and always mess up recipes, and then have the added disadvantage of not wanting to feed my kids sugar and and and and.. My mom sends around baked treats and my husband's mom keeps buying us all fudge!

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Frantastic let us know if you get the homemade ghee done.  That is not on my to do list.  I do need to make more mayo though, it was so easy and so yummy.  And well done on the almost bull's eye!

No tiger blood for me yet, but I am feeling much less achy, and loving walking past the mirror and seeing that my stomach is definitley flatter.  And I have just finished the shortest lightest period in years, now that's no coincidence!

Any of you battling with so much read meat?  It feels a bit much to me so I am trying to add in more seafood.  I now keep a bag of precooked prawns in the freezer, they are easy to add to a salad, and I had them with my scrambled eggs this morning.

OK, now I really must get back to work.

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Can I jump in? I know I'm 17 days late to the party but I started on 18 August too. This is my fourth Whole30 and for my second and third I didn't use the forums (I used it every day for my first one!). I think it was partly because I knew what I was doing and partly because I was doing it with my boyfriend so we have each other for support. I did have a look at the forums on the first day of this one but couldn't find any that interested me so I then didn't look again. But now, Day 17, I'm feeling a little low on inspiration and motivation, so I thought I'd turn to the forums to see if there's a group on the same wave as me. So that's how I found you guys. If you'll have me, I'd love to jump in.

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Welcome TDC!  We all need the inspiration so please join us.

I am feeling so chatty this morning, is this the 'magic' kicking in, or just the result of a good cup of coffee? I am loving my coffee black by the way, never ever thought I would say that, yeh - I can drink coffee forever and never need to add milk again.  I was always prepared to give up dairy before, except for milky coffee.  I smell progress!

And I have just arranged two rewards for the last two weeks, - a massage and a new book, and I bought myself a new nail thing yesterday.  Why I waited so long to reward myself I don't know, but 3 at once feels good!  And none of them involve food.  Now that's a seriously new habit for me!  What have all your rewards been everyone?  

Two clients cancelled today so I have indulged in Whole30 updates, much more fun!

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Well Hello Everyone!!


Just to put out there I do not mind if TDC joins us!!! It will be nice to have someone with some experience in the Whole30 world!! Welcome TDC.


Tre: I feel your pain going to places like that. Great that you kept strong!! With me I like to treat my kids when we are out and everyone is being good!

W30: Good job on sticking with it. I have had a few bad cravings and I have actually had dreams about food.. It was weird I normally do not dream or remember them.

 Fran: I like the new pic! How long have you been doing archery? I got a bow last year.

Jo:  You are kicking some butt on this diet. I am glad everything is going so well. I really don't treat myself. The only thing I really do is make sure I enjoy what I am eating. If I am not going to enjoy it why eat it? I have expanded my cooking abilities though with this.. My wife has got on me for being in the kitchen so much. LOL. As for coffee I think I am hooked on it. I have my French press at my desk and it is so good!! I have always liked my coffee black, but now I am noticing different notes in it between brands and blends.


Well I hope everyone has a great day!! I will try to post more today.. I need to head to my daughters school for her assessment!! I cannot believe that I have 3 kiddos in school!! TTYL Everyone!!!

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Good morning and happy hunger games, I mean day 17! (ha! I crack myself up). TDC - welcome aboard!! I think you'll rapidly find that it's really nice to chat with this group! I know that I've done so many diets and eating plans over my life that friends and family, while supportive, are a little wary! (and I'm a bit sheepish to share as well, since failure has been too close a companion with those endeavors).


Funny aside though...my friend Robyn and her boyfriend Keith started the plan yesterday (Robyn is the one who told me about W30 - very true to our personalities, I jumped in with both feet and she actually gave it some thought!). I texted them around 7pm last night to see how day 1 went...Keith's reply "dinner is taking freaking FOREVER". I was howling laughing!


Anon - I have been taking my archery class for about 6 weeks. I still grip the bow too tightly and my left arm is a mess of bruises! I don't have my own bow...yet. Maybe that will be a non-food treat for myself! Thanks for the picture comment! It's a much reviled "selfie", but I on Saturday I felt happy and wanted to see if I looked happy. I did!! Way to go with the cooking!!


W30inri - I think the freeze dried fruit sounds like a great stop-gap plan. And it is fine with the plan! The world can't be ideal all the time. You found a solution that didn't involve a bagel or pound cake. You should be proud!


JoH - sorry your clients canceled, but we got more of you so for us it's a win! Congrats on the flatter stomach!


Has anyone tried nom nom paleo's porkitos? (seriously, I'm the worst jewish person on the planet, but I love me some pork!). I made them last night and in a word - YUM



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Happy to have you join in, TDC. I, too, have found this forum extremely useful and encouraging. JOH, the food=love issue is so deeply engrained in all of us; kudos for thinking about how to show your daughters love through healthy food, not just delicious baked goods (I am also not a cook or baker). In fact, I am such a noncook that I have to really think about the gizmos I need for the kitchen, as well as the food. I am heading to the Container Store and William-Sonoma after work to pick up storage containers without BPA and a chopping device for onions, garlic, etc. I've been slapping together a virtual food suitcase to bring to work each day and I have to find storage that is less bulky and without harmful chemicals.


Health-wise, I am hanging in. Woke up with headaches two days in a row and can't figure out the etiology; that is a drag. I'm beginning to think that the tiger-blood thing is overselling the process, but I am also fully prepared to wake up with orange stripes one of these days!


As to inspiration, TDC, I think that 4x on W30 is pretty damned impressive, so that alone is inspiring me!

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Hello everyone! Just checking in today! I am impressed with how many of you have bought ghee, or made it, made the mayo, etc. I tried the avocado salad dressing and some mayo  out of the book, but it tasted like straight olive oil to me.... yuck! I resolved to those are replacements for my old habits of condiments everywhere and eat most things plain. And if you knew me that is just odd. I used to be the girl with got fries, chicken, etc to go with my BBQ sauce or ketchup. Before Whole 30, I don't think I gave it any thought to not have condiments or dressing, more like which should I drown my food in! 


My coworkers have even noticed that I don't use any salad dressing on my salads anymore. I seem to have salad making down to a science now and if you add a little fruit, handful of berries, with avocado to your protein, salads appear moist enough to not eat them. All this I pack into a jar and dump out to eat at lunch. I am able to make them 2 days ahead of time for my lunches at work. 

I have tried sharing the book and my food plan with some family and friends but they seem to think I am crazy. Maybe I am, but I feel really good and my clothes fit and that makes it hard not to talk about it! Thankfully I have you as support! 


Black coffee is still not appealing to me. This is the one thing I would love to cheat on. I want coffee creamer sooooo bad. I have tried straight coconut milk and almond milk but its just watered down. I tried something on Pinterest with eggs and almond milk but that was a no go either. I have learned to like hot tea with nothing in it so I can have more warm caffeine with breakfast. 


Better get back to work, I'll check in later! I don't know about you guys but I appear to be checking this more often. Its so fun to have the support! 

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Treig - I'm right there with you with the bbq sauce and ketchup! It's not that I don't like (love) French fries, but they were mainly a vehicle to get more ketchup in my mouth! While I eat potatoes, I actually haven't had a French fry or ketchup since February 2011! (long story, involving a two week hospital stay and a very cranky pancreas)


So...on Wednesdays we have a trainer come to the office and we work out over lunch. I am dead! We did mostly lower body and abs and I am now sitting at my desk wondering how I'm going to get up and go to my next meeting! I ate a GIGANTIC meal 2, so I'm hoping for an energy surge!

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Treig, the black coffee issue is my Achilles heel as well. I am using almond milk in it but not joyfully.

Question re: healthy fats. Anyone find that some meals, even with lots of veggies and right amount of protein, still leave you wanting more fats? For instance, tonight I had ghee with a potato, some olives and a few cashews before dinner. This hasn't happened often but a couple of times I just wanted a larger serving of healthy fat. (Sigh) I don't want to be creating a new category of craving- lord knows I have enough cravings as it is!

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Soon we will have just one week to go, can you believe that?  

My anticipation of some 'magic' and a surge of tiger blood never materialized yesterday.  Instead I got a sore stomach and was moody with my family all evening.  Beginning to wonder if I should try cut out nightshade veggies.  I've been having more eggplant, tomato and pepper than usual, maybe that's why my stomach is irritated, quite annoying really, when I should be feeling the opposite.  I am hoping today is better.

Treig and w30inri, I have had many unsuccessful black coffee attempts too, this time it has just worked, much to my delight, and like Anonymous I am starting to enjoy the flavours in the actual coffee, instead of the sugar and milk.  Hope it works out for you.

Frantastic, well done on the hectic exercise, you put me to shame!  Though I am going to the gym later, for a gentle workout.

I am going to try the porkitos, thanks!

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Eek, forgot to follow this topic and you guys are CHATTY! Brilliant, I love this. Thank you so much for having me on board.


I had a real slump day yesterday in inspiration and motivation, so it's wonderful to on here and be welcomed with open arms. I think my slump was because Tuesday was my sister's birthday so I cooked an enormous birthday meal for the family (a Malaysian specialty - nasi lemak. For my boyfriend and I I made coconut cauli rice instead of normal coconut rice and I cooked everythign in coconut oil); but that also meant staying the night...which meant on Tuesday morning, before leaving for work I had to pack:

- all the prep food for cooking on Tuesday night

- lunch for Tuesday for me and boyf

- lunch for Wednesday for me (boyf was going to have leftovers from Tues dinner) 

- dinner for Wednesday for me (I went out to watch a play with some friends)

- make sure there was food for Thursday (today!) breakfast AND lunch

PHEW...that was some preparation! So I think that's why I was lacking in motivation, I was a bit burnt out, especially as I'd had two dinner parties last weekend too...I am DONE with cooking for lots of people!


I told my boyf quite firmly that he was in charge of getting breakfast and lunch ready for us for today and I was going to lie in bed until the last minute. WOW what a revelation, I really enjoyed just taking the morning for myself completely doing my own thing and not having to worry about food for a change. Before anyone accuses me of being a downtrodden woman I'll explain three things:

1.) I LOVE cooking. Like, really, really love cooking, especially for people if it makes them happy. Hence why I have had copoekd three dinner parties in five days and willingly take on the bulk of cooking for me and my boyf

2.) I'm a control freak. I like to know that what we've got for breakfast and lunch is going to be enough in terms of quantity and proportion of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

3.) I've done four Whole30s and each successive one has taught me SO MUCH that I know what I'm doing. My boyf has done two(ish) and the reason he does is because he sees the benefits - weight loss etc., but he knows he would not be so successful if it weren't for my willingness to prep and cook ALL OUR FOOD.


Anyway, back to this morning. I was very very grateful to have him take over, so much so that I've decided that he needs to take over at least two breakfasts and one lunch packing every week! I made a new cookup plan too to help me plan better at the weekends.


Tiger blood: If I'm honest, I'm not sure if it's ever happened to me. But then I'm not sure my eating was all the bad before. What the Whole30 does for me (and why I keep coming back):

1. I always lose weight. Usually not very much, two to three kilos, but enough to keep me happy. I don't have much to lose. 

2. It gives me more energy throughout the day; I don't notice it except I'll get to the end of the day and go 'oh, I didn't feel sleepy today'

3. I sleep better.

4. My nails and hair grow faster

5. It's the only way I can stay disciplined.

6. I learn new things everytime I do it; each one is slightly different (better) and my habits after each one continue to improve so I want to keep doing them every few months until I'm in a place where I've reached a happy medium.

7. I'm a nicer person: much less grumpy, much more smiley, much more fun to be around. 


Black coffee: I HATED black coffee up until about 2 months ago. For all my other Whole30s I drank my coffee with coconut milk. And then I found out that my carton of coconut milk MIGHT be bad (I can't remember whether it was BPA or carageenan or what) and it did get me wondering why it always stays homogenous and keeps for a long time (freshly squeeze coconut lasts two days in the fridge in Malaysia, and ALWAYS separates within a few hours of being made) and I thought maybe I don't want to drink too much of it too often. So I cut it out completely and now I LOVE black coffee! I do make sure I use an expensive coffee bean and I drink two cups a day, maximum. I find milky coffee too rich and milky (obviously I haven't had it while on the Whole30 but I had a flat white a few weeks ago and didn't like it) and really don't like coconut milk in coffee anymore. Have you tried bulletproof coffee? It's pretty good too, and a good way to make sure your fat consumption is high.


Ghee: I highly highly highly recommend making your own. It's very easy and VERY cheap. Get a pat of unsalted butter, put it in a small saucepan on a low heat, ignore it for half an hour, strain it through a muslin once the solids turn golden brown. This is my usual go-to fat and I probably make it about once a week. I also use coconut oil for asian food and duck/goose fat for frying meat and making roast potatoes (so happy these are allowed now! Haven't had them much but have made roast potatoes twice and they were such a godsend for the Sunday roast).


Mayonnaise: I highly HIGHLY recommend using an immersion blender. If you haven't got one, GET ONE! They're very cheap and I use mine almost every day; I only use my food processor occasionally. This is how to make immersion blender mayonnaise: http://thehealthyfoodie.com/fail-proof-home-made-paleo-mayo-whole30-compliant/ It has worked every single time (well, apart from once when I wasn't paying attention and used too much lemon juice). Make sure you use LIGHT TASTING olive oil: extra virgin stuff goes very very bitter once it's blended to make mayonnaise. I like to have dressings on my salad because I find that when I have salad days, they tend to be relatively low in fat, so pouring on a load of olive oil helps with that. Even just plain olive oil and a squeeze of lemon is perfect for me!


I've also recently discovered hollandaise in the immersion blender: http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2013/04/foolproof-2-minute-hollandaise-recipe.html I use my immersion blender to make pates (including this wonderful tinned fish pate: http://naturalkitchenadventures.com/recipe/tinned-sardine-pate/)


I'm honoured to be an inspiration! As I said, each Whole30 teaches me something new, and interacting with people certainly helps with that too! Especially with inspiration and recipe swaps.


Sorry, my posts always tend to be super long; I'll try and be more succinct in the future.

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Wow- TDC, great post! Sounds like the BF is lucky to have you chief cook and bottle washer! Also very instructive to have your perspective on what the entire process has been like. I guess I was feeling like I have not been following the program to a "t" since the whole tiger blood thing has not kicked in. AND I will stop feeling sorry for myself around the multi-meal prep that has to happen for me on some days, now that I read what you had to do this week!


JOH, so sorry to hear about the irritated tummy! Before you decide to cut out or limit nightshade veggies, maybe rule out any other issues first. I, too, tend to put the blame for my minor irritations (headaches, etc.) on the W30 stuff, but maybe you just have a bit of a stomach bug!


fran, I don't know why MY office doesn't have a trainer on site!! :) Actually, my gym is one block away from the office so I really have no excuse for not working out every day. That said, you are inspiring me to kick it up a notch on the exercise front!


Have a great day 18, all!

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Yay for 18!


I'm a little grouchy today. I don't think it's related to food...my back is hurting and since I just had a spinal injection 2 weeks ago to alleviate that, it has made me a bit of a grump. I started physical therapy this morning and while I'm still allowed to do my Wednesday strength training and take short walks (2 miles or under), I'm benched from everything else for two weeks. This "aging" thing is for the BIRDS. (there's also a bit of PMS going on...which helps NOTHING)


JOH - take care of the tummy! I hope it is feeling better soon!


TDC - I am wordy also, so I say write all you feel like writing! You have a different perspective than the rest of us, having cycled through a few times. Question - do you not find the program to be sustainable for longer than 30 days at a time? You also may be making be brave enough to try my hand at homemade ghee.


W30irni -I have to make exercise a social event (tennis/walking/archery) or convenient (I really have NO excuse to not go up one flood to be trained by an awesome trainer. It's not a company sponsored activity - one of my co-worker's son is a trainer and he charges us peanuts to train ($8 a class).  Like I said - I have no excuse (of course I could always make up an excuse - I'm AWESOME at that!

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  Joh-Just wanted to say that on a different post I am following, it was suggested I reduce my nut intake when my stomach was crabby. maybe check the fats your taking in.....


W30irni-  I am with you doing multiple meals daily.... its how we roll 


I think I have that tiger blood. I am one day ahead of all you, cuz i did start the 17th and I am feeling stronger and more confident daily. My past weekend of saying 'no' to so many things, really seems to have empowered me! 

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I am loving your posts everyone, would be so lonely without you all!

Great post TDC and awesome advice.  Great to know one can keep coming back to Whole30 and keep improving habits.  I am determined to manage my health the best i can from hereon, and continuous building of good habits is gonna be my answer.  May I never have to try another 'diet' again!  Your weight, energy, hair, nails, discipline, nicer person, are completely what I am after.  All your cooking is admirable and reminds me that I am enjoying cooking so much more now on Whole30, an unexpected benefit.  Breakfast felt so quick and easy this am - fried eggs, spinach, leftover prawns, garlic and onion, mayo.  As easy as cereal in a bowl.

Thanks for the tummy advice Fran and W30inri.  I will stop nuts for a bit and see, nuts have caused my stomach to cramp two days in a row, I am just in such a habit of taking them for a snack with fruit.

Sorry to hear about your back Frantastic, hope it is better today!  Awesome on the tiger blood Treig, may today bring it to all of us!

My friend came around for Sushi and Champagne last night, I ate Sashimi and Lemon water, wasn't quite the same, but I managed.  I am wondering what I will re-introduce - Yes to sushi, champagne, biltong, coconut milk (can only get with wrong stuff in it).  No (forever?) to soya, dairy, gluten.  Jury is till out on dark choc, I an scared it will send me back to sugar madness. It makes me drool just thinking about it now.

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Almost two-thirds there! Soon we will be able to do the countdown from 10 to 0!


Definitely no tiger blood for me; cattiness towards annoying co-workers is kinda requisite for me so no points for that, fran! :) And JOH I am also starting to make a list of what I plan to reintroduce. As you have all heard from my whining, the unsweetened coffee is wrecking my day, so I will use the natural sweetner that Whole Foods carries. I will also want to have a glass of wine and I am pretty sure that I will have a hankering for hard cheese and chocolate. But I also plan to largely cut out dairy and limit grains to gluten free. Honestly, I miss sweets much, much more than dairy, alcohol or grains so the jury is still out.


Can't figure out why I keep waking up with a headache; I am hydrating my brains out and have cut back on coffee so not sure what this is all about. But my sleeping has improved and I am grateful for that.


Not sure if any of you saw the new study that came out that supports the whole 30 approach with healthy fats for weight loss (vs. a low fat diet). Was published this weekend. Predictably, when I forwarded it to my husband to underscore this approach, he shot back an article that found multiple flaws with the healthy fats study! I have been pretty satisfied with the science behind this 30 day program and feel ambivalent about evidence for this restrictive diet beyond the 30 days.


Gearing up for the weekend, which is a pretty tough slog for me. Hope all of you have marvelous plans for the weekend and are hanging tough! I also appreciate hearing how everyone is doing and am impressed that this international group is hanging together!

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Bleurghh...still feeling low on motivation! I was getting a bit low and was looking for some inspiration and motivation so I went on the Whole30 website to see what I could see and then remembered this group, which perked me up.


Yesterday was bad in terms of tiredness: I cancelled my gymnastics class at the gym and went straight home (via supermarket). I made a lovely meal (Lamb dosa purses, highly recommended: http://nomnompaleo.com/post/57360815782/diana-rodgers-lamb-dosa-purses-with-coconut-creme) and planned to sit does and enjoy an evening with my boyf, and then remembered that I needed to make up a new batch of kombucha and prepare our lunch bags for the next day. So it ended up not being particularly relaxing so my determination for next week is to (1) go to bed earlier (2) spend more time in the evening not being busy.


My sleeping hasn't been great this week and I have been getting a bit of an afternoon slump most days. It's not been a great week for snacking, either (although it's probably related!): Nakd bars (the UK version of Larabars) and jars of nut butter have (magically) made regular appearances on my table at work. NOT GOOD PEOPLE. This weekend is project sleepalot and next week I'm determined to get my sleep back in line.


frantastic: Hmmm...I personally wouldn't want to keep it going for longer than 30 days, I know I get to a certain point when I just get really tired of constantly cooking, prepping, not being able to go out for dinner and drinks. I've never PLANNED to do it for longer so perhaps with the discipline of knowing it's for X amount of days I'd keep it up. I do it because after each time I finish the programme, my general everyday habits are always better than before. So I plan to keep going until I get to the point where I'm just comfortable with how I eat and my body shape. That might mean this is my last one ever, or it might mean that I need to do a few more over the next year. But they do get easier and easier, so much so that I barely even noticed the first two weeks go buy (hence why I didn't seek out the forums until now!). I did put on a bit of weight between the last one (throughout Lent) and now, which I was disappointed about because I thought I was eating fairly well. I'm going to try and keep a food diary after this one finishes to see where things go wrong (if at all).


11 days to go for me!

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Hello friends and happy Friday! Today is payday (and love payday - who doesn't??) so I bought myself a healthy-eating-but-non-food reward...a set of stainless steel pots and pans. I've been wanting to switch to SS for a while, so on Wednesday of next week I will be all set up! It's very liberating to do a cabinet cleanout to enforce new habits, right? I'm also going to get a manicure and pedicure. I hope that each of you plan a "congrats, you're amazing" non-food treat for yourselves, and then tell us all about it on here!


Re--integration...I still plan on being wholly whole 30 for at least another 30 days. I still have the DESIRE to overeat (that's an even worse dragon for me than the sugar dragon) so I really want to starve those feelings. But, when the day comes, I would like some dark chocolate. I was already gluten dairy free (and have been since 2011) because of inflammation issues. I feel kind of excited that when I think of popcorn right now (which is normally a HUGE binge trigger food) I think "meh". But I'm concerned when I eat Aidell's chicken and apple sausages because as soon as I'm done I want more!! (they're really delicious, especially when slightly burnt)


In sad news, I tried on every garment I own that doesn't fit (this morning was a major PMS frenzy of getting dressed for work - it was sad!). Anddddd...everything is still too tight. In some cases, there are inches between the button and the button hole. In good news, I feel pretty awesome today (not sure if I'd term it "tiger" blood, but I'm a step up from kitten. Maybe a bobcat??). The fact that I have a half day off at work today isn't hurting (I love my job, but a half day on a payday? that's magical)

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Just wanted to share that another forum is Troubleshooting my Whole30. I have found some great discussions on napping, bloating, etc on there. If you ask someone for help with these issues, they ask for your food intake for a day and then help you problem solve what could be the culprit. 

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Morning lovely people.  We are on the home stretch!  Yesterday was my toughest social day.  Out for the day with friends, a big lunch with wine and everyone ordering a giant slice of cheesecake for dessert.  I survived, and wasn't tempted to cave in, but felt like an outsider and a food freak and I didn't like that.  My friends know I love wine and dessert.  I did sip on my rooibos tea while they indulged and found in the taste particular delicious. I am definitely appreciating tastes of real food more.  I am tired of being a social outcast though, and I think wine will be the first on the integration list.

I am feeling good too, though still get backache, most of all my other inflammatory symptoms have gone, my skin is improving too.

W30inri, I get what you say about the research, and there always being something else , that says we are eating right or wrong.  The big thing in Cape Town at the moment is the Banting diet, which is not far off W30 but includes loads of dairy.  Its been supported by the media and torn apart by the academics, so makes for many interesting reads.

Hope you have caught up on your sleep this weekend TDC, that's the best part of this programme, justifying 9 hours of sleep every night, though I battle to fit that much in most times.  Your integration advice is good. I get all motivated to do this forever and then realise its not much fun when out with friends, maybe just as a mostly home habit?

Awesome reward on the pots and pans Frantastic, and yes, some dark chocolate please! 

Thanks for the link to Trouble shooting Treig, I am going to check it out right now.  

Counting down 10 ...

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Thanks for your post, JOH. I also had a tough social day with friends after another long car ride. I hung in there, although probably overdid the nuts in the car to stay awake. Had my first chocolate dream (!) and generally feeling ok. I have to admit that I'm a bit disappointed with the whole tiger blood thing; I guess I was hoping that my body would be taken over by Serena Williams! That said, I think I also have to calibrate my expectations around the fact that 20 days can't undo decades of food habits, plus I am a woman of a certain age so that has to be factored in.

But today I am doing my food shopping and prep thing ( though not to the degree that TDC does!) and will try to get some cardio in there. Btw: did I am still whining about my gym closing.....grrrrr......- oh so is that MY tiger blood speaking? :)

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Happy Monday all! Congrats on making it through your tough social weekends. Unfortunately, I'm solving for that by being either anti-social OR making my friends conform to my needs. Hopefully, I will still have friends at the end of this journey! I'm teasing - I am incredibly lucky and have super supportive friends. I was invited to dinner at a friend's house on Saturday and she made a compliant meal for all of us (sautéed turbot, salad, and sweet potatoes!) My blood felt nearly tigerish on Saturday, followed by a gigantic dip on Sunday! Sunday night, I had some friends over for dinner and made them a compliant meal - and it was delicious (I made chicken lettuce wraps, baked sweet potatoes, and cauliflower rice). I've been gluten/dairy/alcohol free for so long (stupid pancreas and intestines!) that my friends and family are pretty accustomed to me being anti-social about food.


I'm having a problem on the weekend with low blood sugar crashes. Do y'all get those? During the week my eating sched is pretty regimented, but I think I go too long on the weekends. And that led to a food without brakes moment with bananas (which I need to not buy) 


W30irni - you hit the nail on the head - 20 days can't totally undo the decades of bad eating habits. That's an excellent thing to keep reminding ourselves. This is a process. One of my favorite adages is "pray for miracles but plant cabbages" and it holds true here. I would love to have a magic bullet that guaranteed me good heath, peace of mind, and a smoking hot body...but until that magical day arrives, I better be doing the work!


JoH - I cannot wait to hear about your first glass of wine!!!!!

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