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Whole30 compliant throat spray.. and a little Day 3 crabby


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I'm on day three. Feeling right on track in terms of foggy and tired, much like the pic of the boy in day 3 newsletter. To boot, I caught a little cold virus from my twin toddlers the day before I started. My throat is sore and my only sprays for middle of night are made of honey, stevia, etc. I'm doing good old fashioned salt gargle and I add in oregano oil but i don't want to get up and gargle in the middle of the night (or in the middle of presentations at work. 



Also feeling crabby... my head is pounding, I feel like shit, eyes and throat burning, my digestion is off, I have sick-breath/de-toxing breath (bleh) and I have a presentation to give to 80 of Nike's top designers today. I got in a fight with my wife last night (of course, being clean all the stuff that's needed to come up is coming up) and in general I'm not in great shape. 


That said... I am staying compliant. I am totally committed. Not an option to go off even a tad or anything. Cravings have been minimal or pass easily... food is still all prepped. I'm not worried about "falling off track"... just managing day by day. 


I've done similar cleanses in past and so I get this is all "normal" but haven't had the amazing support of newsletter of forum like this before. Leaning in now... 


Thoughts, feedback and insights all welcome. 







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