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Day 17......Not sleeping well.


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Hi all,

I am day 17 of my W30 and for the most part feeling great. The only trouble I am having is the sleep. I am on nightshift at the moment and 3 nights a week I work from 530pm till 330am and one night 530pm till 530am. I am usually home, showered and in bed by 415am (or 615am) have a little read and then turn my light out. Still tossing and turning at 6am (or 8am) wake up every hour to pee and by 12 -1230 I am wide awake. So Im getting anywhere between 5 - 6hrs sleep a night if I'm lucky then have to work 10 - 12hr shifts....... on my feet the entire time.

My room is fairly dark, I have foil on my windows, proper blackout curtains and I shut my door.I take 2 magnesium tablets before bed. I've even tried other sleeping aids (drugs) but to no avail. Still only get 5-6hrs of broken sleep.

I am 52 yrs old and well through menopause.

Any ideas greatly appreciated. 


ps On my 3 days off a week I am almost fully back into dayshift mode. 

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Most of what I know about sleeping and surviving at night is from Michelle Tam at http://nomnompaleo.com/post/55156756199/surviving-the-night-shift.


The fact that you cycle back and forth may be the problem, but one idea would be to make sure you eat some starchy veggies before going to sleep. I find I sleep better after I have eaten a sweet potato. It seems to be a carbohydrate thing. 

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Agree with Tom :) 


Rotation is the worst, but it's not always a choice. 


Don't change too many things at once or you won't know what worked, but:


Depending on what you do for work, maybe skip the shower? Might be stimulating you awake.


Do you eat before going to bed? How's your blood sugar?

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Thanks for the comments. So I am now on Day 25. I have skipped my shower after work (eeeuuw) and I do seem to get to sleep quicker but still waking up after 4.5 - 6hrs sleep. I have my last meal of the day about 2hrs before I finish work so am not in the slightest bit hungry when I get home. Have never had an issue with my blood sugar. 

I am still exhausted and have very little energy. In fact someone at work asked me last night if I was sick as I looked so pale and tired.

Just to clarify this lack of sleep is not a new issue to me. I was on anti-depressants for 2 years and was sleeping 8-9hrs everynight. I went off them last Dec and this is when my lack of sleep started. I was really hoping the W30 would rectify this as I am over always feeling tired especially trying to work out 4-5 times a week for an hour and workiing 10-12hr shifts on my feet. I started Paleo at the beginning of the year and lost 12kgs prior to starting W30. Not sure what to do anymore, even sleeping tablets don't help. Maybe its just my lot now...................

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