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Keeping Conscious Post-30


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I finished my whole 30 on August 14, along with a lot of great folks sharing on this forum. Instead of reintroduction though, I'm continuing onward with 99% whole 30 regime. I'm now adding in more fruit, basically an apple a day, either in a salad or as a snack, and cherries/berries. I think that's a nice a addition for me. I've also started making sure to add some salt to dishes, hoping to address the muscle fatique I still have. The one thing that never bounced back for me was my energy. I still have yet to experience the 'tiger blood' mentioned so often! Definitely a goal I'm moving forward with post-30...


The only 'off plan' item I've incorporated was a cocktail last weekend. A very refreshing club soda with tequila and lots of lime. I didn't see any setbacks from that, which was nice! Extreme moderation...which I guess, is a contradiction(!)-is my plan for the present...

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