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You should be adjusting the size and components of your meals to leave you satisfied enough until the next meal without snacking.


However, if you do need a snack, it is recommended to do something with protein and good fats, like turkey and avocado.

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Eating leftovers from a previous meal is a good snack when you are hungry.


Our culture has made a transition from eating three meals per day to eating snacks all the time. That is a very unhealthy move. The Whole30 is a time to reset. When you are eating appropriately at meals, you can honestly go 4-6 hours between meals comfortably. Needing to eat between meals is a sign that you have not been eating enough at meals.


One note: We recommend pre- and post-workout meals when you engage in serious exercise. This means that on exercise days, you may eat 5 meals. 


The meal planning template explains how much to eat:

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Thanks!  I'm just reading the book now, and I need to explore around more on the website, so sorry for my newbie questions. :)


I've always been the type of person who eats small amounts throughout the day.  Usually I do not eat large amounts in one sitting - I just don't like the feeling of being stuffed. 


I am anticipating at first that it will be difficult, and that I might want to snack.  I would rather be prepared and have healthy options that are compliant on hand to keep me from turning to my kids goldfish crackers or something along those lines.  :)  I imagine that switching to this eating style will be lifestyle change shock enough - I might not be able to make that change along with giving up all snacks as well.  I'm sure as I adjust to it, I will hopefully feel the need to snack less, if at all.  I may need to ease into that aspect instead of hitting it cold turkey.


Leftovers would be good - I will probably be making extra anyhow to take for lunches.

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I am new to the Whole30 as well and have a hard time not snacking. While I have been trying to stick to eating just meals and not snacking, here are some things I do turn to as a snack when I really can't deal anymore:

Hard-boiled eggs.
Avocados w/ salt and pepper.
Medjool dates (you REALLY have to limit these).
Almonds (not even a whole handful usually).
Fruits like blackberries, strawberries, and grapes (I do not normally add fruit to my meals so as to leave them open as snacking options).

As soon as I find some beef jerky that fits the plan I will add that too. 

Also, when you feel hungry in between meals, drink some water before turning to snacks. Like 1-2 glasses, and then wait five minutes. It takes care of cravings sometimes. Good luck!

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Good snack ideas! 


Yeah, I'm 100% sure that evening times are going to be a struggle for me.  When I initially posted this, I had not read through the book yet.  Now I'm most of the way through, and I DO understand the reasoning behind no snacking.


But, in that transition phase (which I'm SURE is going to be a huge adjustment), I'd rather have some healthy compliant items handy, just in case!  Eating a healthy snack is surely better than falling off the wagon entirely!

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Tell yourself you can.  Read the program rules again.  They are strong and motivating!  Remember your own motivation.  Remember what the book taught you.  Find your strength!


Dates and fruits are not snack options.  They belong in food or beside meals.  If you need to plan snacks, plan mini-meals that look just like miniature versions of the meal template.  Have some protein, some veggies, and some fat.  Avoid sugars so that you can kick the sugar dragon faster.  Feeding the sugar dragon (even in the form of fruit) will fuel the fire of cravings and delay your adjustment to the program.


If you are about to start and haven't already, sign up for the daily e-mails.  They can help you plan non-food responses to cravings, along with all kinds of other support.

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I'm in agreement with Nico.  In 30 days you can go back to the old ways of snacking.


Always having a backup plan ready means you'll always revert to the backup plan.  The purpose of the 30 is a food reset.  If you engage the head, you get a head reset, too.


We have to create new patterns to break old habits.   The two don't mix.  This is why we don't make swapped out versions of old recipes for a dessert fix.    They'll never satisfy the way the old go-to item did.  They're a cheap knock-off like those purses people buy in dark alleys from street vendors.   They're not the real thing and you know it.


The body wants what it wants...but the brain drain is not worth the pain.   


Three meals aday and no snacks.

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