Does anyone know if Whole Foods sells beef fat already rendered? I think it's called Tallow?

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I suspect I might have a problem with coconuts, so I will be eliminating it from my diet for a couple of weeks to see if any thing changes for the better. I need a good fat to saute with and use to rub on my chicken before baking.

Is Tallow good for these purposes? I've never used it other than for soap making a loooong time ago :)

I really hope I don't have a problem with coconuts, but we'll see :(

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My local Whole Foods does not sell tallow, but a butcher gave me several pounds of beef fat that I used to make my own. Here's the recipe...

You might want to try ghee as a cooking fat. Ghee is basically cooked/rendered butter. I like it better than beef tallow myself and use it a lot.

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