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Kicking off on September 1st


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I am in my Whole30 prep phase, psyching myself up to DO THIS!


If there is anyone in the Chicagoland NW 'burbs that would like to form a support group, please let me know!


Here is some of my history:


In 2008, on January 1st, I quit smoking.  Already overweight, I gained 40lbs that year, but still felt better.


In 2009, I quit drinking regular soda, and I thought I was going to die!  I had dreams about sugar products, and had the most bizzare cravings.


I started Atkins in 2010, and although I never ate Sugar (Candy / Ice Cream / Desserts) I discovered I was a total Sugar junkie!  I lost 60lbs, but one day I caved into a craving and my whole plan collapsed.


In 2011 I began cutting out Fast Food.  That was awful.  I bagan grocery shopping, and it was like torture for me.


In 2012 I bagan cutting out processed food after reading "Salt Sugar Fat".  It was an awful time for me, but I began to feel better.


In 2013 I began trying to eat 'clean', loosely following a Paleo style diet.  I began juicing & walking, and lost 30lbs & felt fantastic.  I changed grocery stores & most of my eating habits.  I quit diet soda, and after breifly feeling like I'd die, I felt the brain fog lift, and it was AMAZING.


In 2014, I changed jobs, which caused me to loose my walking habit & gain back about 20lbs I lost in 2013. 


Here is my Plan:


I currently drink only filtered water, Green Tea, and Iced Tea (unsweetened).  I use no artificial sweeteners.  Breakfast will usually be a sausage patty (Frozen, from Whole Foods, no sugar added), and some Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal (Steel cut oats, real Cinnamon, and organic Apples I cut up myself).  Mid morning I'll have a Green veggie juice from Whole Foods (the ones they cold press themselves with just enough fruit juice for flavor).  Lunch is generally the salad bar (dressing is Balsamic Vinagrette), and my afternoon snack will be organic fruit, or nuts, or veggies dipped in ranch dressing. 


Up to this point each day (about 4pm), my routine repeats with great regularity.


I know that to make my current daily routine W30 compliant, it'll have to be tweaked, but not hugely, I don't think.  Worst case scenario is that it'll be a very survivable change.  (I'm looking forward to swapping my oatmeal for making scrambled eggs with Kimchi or Sauerkraut, or having little breakfast to-go casseroles).


Dinners are my BIG issue! 


While I live alone, I have a significant other who does NOT share my dietary outlook.  In addition to that, she is a very consistently LATE eater - usually having dinner around 8 to 8:30pm.  By this time, I have lost my mind & I make poor food choices WAY too easily, and I go to bed on an uncomfortably full tummy.


My plan, such as it is, will involve ME cooking for the both of us, each day.  That's a lot of work & planning & prep for ME, but if it keeps us out of the late night restaraunts, then it's a HUGE win!  If I can find recipes that she likes REGARDLESS of them being on-plan, then it's FANTASTIC!


I think & hope that if I'm doing dinners like flank steak w/ green beans & roasted brussels sprouts, then I won't get push-back from her, AND in the meantime I'll be able to stay on plan.


Fortune favors the prepared, right?


My other big commitemnt for the month of September is to step back into a gym for the first time since 2007.  I have an intro session at my local Cross Fit on Saturday, and my plan is to pound my fists on my chest & yell at the Trainer "BRING IT ON!".


(That might not be the smartest thing I'll ever do, but it'll be fun!)


In the meantime, if anyone has any thoughts, questions, tips, hints, encouragement, or help - plaes leave a comment!


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Wow good info and good luck. You have lots of good experience and knowledge. We have a global Sept 1st group started by Pedro Pinto and he also has set up a Facebook group for us if you care to join us. Not sure if anyone is from your area, but if you need electronic support think about it....

BTW my significant other doesn't share this goal either so I'll be cooking two meals quite often, but love him so what can you so? He also loves going out to dinner so I have some challenges in Sept.

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