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Caitlin S.

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I'm starting this as a way to get some insight from athletes regarding what routines and plans work the best for them. I know everyone is different but it's helpful for beginners to have examples to work from. 

Please share your weekly routines, including any details you think are relevant such as your favorite pre/post workout meals and snacks, special tips you feel might help, etc.

I am pretty much a beginner (at everything, the Whole30, running, strength training, etc) but I have ran and done strength training off and on for about two years, however I never really committed. 

Here is an example of my schedule (feel free to offer constructive criticism):

Monday: Run/walk 3 miles
Tuesday: Strength training, all muscles
Wednesday: Run/walk 3 miles
Thursday: Strength training, all muscles, restorative yoga for one hour
Friday: Run/walk 3 miles

From Friday night to Sunday night I work back-to-back shifts as a waitress, and since it's a fairly physical job that is quite exhausting (Sat & Sun are normally 14-15 hour shifts) I do not workout during the weekends. As far as running, I am listening to my body and running until I feel too tired, then walking until I catch my breath and then I run again. My most recent run took about 38 minutes. Slow, but improvement (for me).

Thanks in advance, and please share!

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I'm training for a half right now after a year long running break (I broke my leg in three places in a bad fall two winters ago...I tried to run too soon after and reinjured myself so I was forbidden to do anything lower body but spin for a year). So I have Monday and Friday as rest days when I do vinyasa yoga, Tuesday is either tempo or speed work, Wednesday is a short run (3-5 miles) and Thursday is a long run (5-7, depending on the week). Saturday is a short speedy day. Altogether I run between 25-35 a week with Sunday being a long run I ran seven, next Sunday will be 9-10. Don't worry about how long it takes you to do it...I'm a poky puppy after that injury and a long break, and while it's been easier for me to ramp up into it having done it before, I still have a slow 5k pace is still 10 min/mile. As we always say, "A twelve minute mile is the same distance as a six minute mile." :-). You're out there and you're doing it, and that is huge.

I love adding the yoga in with my runs for flexibility and strength, not to mention a calming centering effect. I run with my friend as much as I can and that makes a huge difference...she's in just a bit better shape than me and very encouraging; I never feel like I'm frustrating her with a walk break but I dig deeper knowing that she can take more. It makes me stretch to reach her, and we have a fabulous time talking, which keeps our pace reasonable and the hours pass quickly. Think about finding a friend, it's amazing. My husband is on a business trip right now so I've been stuck inside on our treadmill and it's a lot harder. Also find something fun...if you really like the running, great...keep it fun and light, don't stress about time or anything else, just enjoy moving your body. I make endless playlists for myself and rock out to Titanium when I'm alone. :-)

I finally hit on the things I need to make myself feel good at my mileage...I eat a handful of raw cashews and a bite or two of leftover non spicy meat before I head out (I always run early). I get back, shower and then eat my breakfast. I tried eating a post WO snack but it made me feel terribly nauseated -- but I add more calories to my breakfast. I finally upped my eggs to three and added a better fat source like avocado, along with fruit or starch and my veggies. It looks like an enormous plate of food but it seems to work for me. In the days before a big run, I add a starchy veggie to at least one meal. For today, I had a plantain last night and a sweet potato on Friday, and that seems to be the magic combo to not feel crazy fatigued. I didn't fuel during my run today since it was on the shorter side, but improbably should have had a date or something during it because I bonked on the last hill (I live in Korea, the whole country is a mountain).

Hope this helps!

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Today is Day1 for me here.  I don't consider myself an "athlete" but I have always exercised.  For the past 11 months my routine has been...  MWF  cardio kickboxing and TTh strength training with heavy bands.  (I was doing Saturdays too but quit that to give myself two days rest because I do a 5am class and was trying to catch up on sleep.)  I am hoping to figure out what works for me in these next 30 days!

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Hey guys!  This is my weekly schedule:


Monday: Crossfit

Tuesday: Crossfit

Wednesday: Crossfit

Thursday: Crossfit

Friday: Rest

Saturday:  Run 3-4 miles or bike 17-20 miles

Sunday: Run or  bike same amount


I have fun with workouts and really enjoy pushing myself!  For example, last weekend I ran a 5k in the morning and then did a midnight 17 mile bike tour!  I'm only on day 4 of Whole 30 but hardboiled eggs with the yolk and half of a sweet potato have been picking up my energy levels.  I'm on Whole30 to figure out why i'm having digestive issues but today I noticed my abs peaking out so maybe weight loss and leaning up would be an awesome perk!

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Mon/Wed/Fri 4-6 mi easy run and 10 min of core exercises

Tues/Thurs/Sat full body lift


@Caitlin, looks like we have pretty similar routines. I like the easy runs because they help me shake out the soreness from lifting. I also worked my way up in running by stopping and taking walk breaks!

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