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Melissa Joulwan's FIRST Quarterly box is shipping in September!!!!!


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Melissa Joulwan's Well Fed and WellFed 2 books have been instrumental in my Whole30 journey-  I think the woman is brilliant with food (an fun as a bonus!!) 


She is now offering a box on Quarterly!  This means getting a box of curated stuff directly from Melissa! It will come in September -   perfect timing as a reward for all who started Whole30 in early to mid August.  And then if you want, every three months after, as a great reminder to "train hard, eat clean and live loud" (her motto) 







Note to the moderators:   I have no idea if this is the best part of the forum to put this post.   Feel free to move it if there is a better place.  I thought about Announcements but was not sure about it since that seems to be directly from the moderators.    

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Get $5 off Quarterly box when you order before August 24. Use the code PALEO5OFF at checkout.

I can't afford it ($80 to Ireland) so I persuaded my more affluent friend to order & we're going to have a coffee morning/unwrapping date :)

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