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Done with my 30 days, but...


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...my skin is too big for my body.  How do I shrink it?  I know this sounds silly.


I had incredible success with this program after years of having a terrible relationship with food and trying other weight loss programs.  When I realized the weight loss was a SIDE EFFECT of having a good relationship with food and NOT the goal, I did even better.


But now my cheeks (my face cheeks, not the other!) are sagging and my extra belly skin that used to be supported by whatever was underneath is lower and flopping around.  I guess my other cheeks are a little saggy too since my comfy yoga pants looked a little weird yesterday.  I went from chronically looking six months pregnant to elephant lady.  Ew.

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That all happened in the span of 30 days....I don't understand.  Did you do any moderate exercise along the way?   Nothing extreme, just walking or riding your bike.


I do know this happens with a gastric bypass but other than that...if you're eating a great breakfast and 2 other wonderful meals - it's a slow process.  Nothing extreme because the W30 is not dieting if you follow the Book and forums.   You're not  hungry and it's a  very pleasant journey.   


The before and afters,  I've witnessed here... they look positively radiant with health.  I've not seen any elephant skin.  Their necks and faces look awesome. I've seen complexions go from troubled to completely clear.  They all look like they've had a lifestyle lift without paying $10,000.00 for it.


In the befores and afters, I see muscle mass that replaced what used to be sitting on top of it.







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I'd imagine that waterweight was at least part of the precipitous weight loss?  Anyway, you might try skin-brushing to help it tighten up.  Basically like a shower brush, but you dry brush your skin from the extremities (feet up hands up), right before you shower or bathe.  I know when I started getting saggy it tightened up my skin quite a bit!  Hope it helps, and hey, it couldn't hurt! 

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Hi Anna - It sounds like you experienced some major weight loss over a short period of time. That is a little concerning but I am going to put that aside as only you can know what is healthy for YOU.

I know from experience that even slow weight loss can have the result of some sagging skin (another reason I am not going to question how quickly you may have lost because I know it may not have even been that quick!) Basically, I have found it is a matter of 1. Patience - it can take time for your skin to shape up. 2. Muscle - the more toned you become, the better your skin will "fit" and 3. A healthy dose of acceptance. Unless you are a teenager, it is unlikely your skin will entirely spring back if you've lost a significant amount (believe me, I lament this daily). You look fantastic - I guarantee it. So don't sweat the small stuff and celebrate your hard work and progress!

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