Pantothenic Acid, B Complex, Claritin D for allergies


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A couple years ago a co-worker suggested I take pantothenic acid and B complex for my allergies — I am allergic to dust, cats (I have two), and ragweed. I used to get allergy shots for a long time, and now I take both supplements daily, and they really seem to help. I do also take one Claritin D12 if I know I’m going to be indoors and around the cats a lot. 


I have read that the Whole30 can help with seasonal allergies, but could eating this way also help with cat and dust allergies? I am about to start my first Whole30 (on 9/1), and I’m wondering if I should stop taking the pantothenic acid and B complex either because they are non-compliant or to find out if my allergies get better based on my new diet. The ingredients on the brand of supplements I take do appear to be compliant. The Claritin, on the other hand, contains lactose monohydrate, which I'm pretty sure is a no go.  


Sorry for the long message. Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

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You should stop taking non-compliant things during a Whole30.


Pantothenic acid is B5, so you are taking a variety of B vitamins. You will probably get enough from a Whole30-compliant diet, but you could keep taking them if you want. I take a B-Complex even though my diet probably gives me plenty of B vitamins. 

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