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Well tomorrow is day 8 for both me and my 10 year old. I have been coaching her so much this week that I haven't really felt at all bad! Ok it ain't plain sailing or anything, but there is a strict determination there that is really helping. I think going into something like this half heartedly only paves the way to failure. My little one is really focused too and I am quite proud. She stayed with her grandparents last night. She rang me early this morning as her grandad was cooking breakfast. He was going to use sunflower oil, she said she remembered us looking at the packet of dried fruits the other day and not getting them because there was sunflower oil in them!! She rang me to check!! It is great to see her so proud of doing something so difficult!

She is making this a challenge that she really is determined to see through.

Sometimes, she talks a lot about when she is finished and what she is going to have!! This to me defeats the purpose of the whole 30. But she is only 10, but still I wanted to break that habit, that cycle of habitually torturing herself for the next 22 days! So, I said to her today that she could pick a toy, or a treat day that was non food related as a reward for getting through the 30 days. Immediately, her focus changed. I told her she had to think about it and get back to me when she has made her decision. Immediately, that worked and continued all day! You can really see her confidence shine through today. She is doing wonderfully!

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Thinks are looking up, I'm happy for you.   This is one of my favorite replies by Melissa.


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Wow - what a testimonial. We are so happy you were able to use the Whole30 for your own purposes, to find what you were looking for in your own life (clarity, security, independence, awareness). No two programs are the same, and we always love hearing from people who veer outside the typical weightloss-energy-performanceinthegym results to embrace something bigger than we ever intended.

Well done.

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Maybe get her to write a list on the fridge of ways that she feels better throughout the whole 30 and then during the reintroduction have her make connections between what she's just eaten and how it made her feel. That should be simple enough for a 10 yo (although how many of us adults struggle with it! )

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Day 13 and she is flying!! Her complexion has also improved so so much :-) At school,she has been complimented by the teacher for her lunches too which she was delighted about :-). She is also noticing by 10.30 at little break she doesn't feel hungry. She said she notices all the other kids all starving the way she used to be! She now knows the reason why! So by 12.30 she is ready for lunch and that keeps her going til 6. Children adapt so well and so quickly! They could teach us a thing or two. I asked her today was she proud of what she was doing and she said I will be very proud when I get to the 30 days! :-)

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