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Georgia's Whole 30


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Day 1


Meal 1 - "bircher muesli" (nuts, seeds, compliant coconut yoghurt, berries)

Meal 2 - Salad (spinach, avocado, nuts, tuna, capsiscum, tomato, been shoots, olive oil, spices)

Meal 3 - spiced cauliflower and fennel with baked salmon and pine nuts


Day 2


Meal 1 - open omelette with kale, mushrooms and caramelised onion

Snack - pear

Meal 2 - mongolian beef with cauli rice

Meal 3 - Salad (spinach, avocado, nuts, grilled chicken, capsiscum, tomato, been shoots, olive oil, spices)


Day 3


Meal 1 - "bircher muesli" (nuts, seeds, compliant coconut yoghurt, berries)

Meal 2 - chicken curry with cauli rice
Snack - nuts and vegie juice (whole fruit/veg, not extracted - apple, kiwi, kale, cucumber, parsley)

Meal 3 - slow roasted beef cheeks with parsnip and sweet potato mash and brussel sprouts


Day 4


Meal 1 - open omelette with kale, sweet potato and caramelised onion

Meal 2 - 1/4 cup of gazpacho, boiled egg, cherry tomatoes, basil, carrot, cucumber, strawberries, nuts.

Meal 3 - mongolian beef with cauli rice

(not finished yet but thats the plan)


I've realised the bircher muesli is not ideal, so that won't be on there again. The igredients were compliant, but I was missing protein and vegies. I've done more reading up on the rules etc so should be good to go from now :)

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Day 5


Meal 1 - Boiled egg, avocado, kale, sweet potato, strawberries. "Bulletproof Coffe"

Meal 2 - Sweet potato, zucchini, bacon egg frittata with side salad

Meal 3 - As above, plus some cashews and raspberries.


Not feeling too great tonight! Feel funny in the tummy, not a feeling I'm used to - ie. not the usual pains I would get from IBS, gluten etc. Also toileting was a bit off today which is always a sign. Not sure what it could be. Going to bed soon and hoping to feel better in the morning :)


I had a bulletproof coffee yesterday too. My version is 150g home made milk (10g hazelnuts, 10g cashews, 150g filtered water), brewed coffee, tsp of homemade ghee and tsp of coconut oil. I know there is a lot of debate around this coffee but I wanted to try it. I would never have something like this in place of a meal. The coffee was good! Especially with my home made milk and frothed up. Maybe this is what has caused me to feel a bit unwell. I will not have another one for a week or so, and then have one to test.

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Day 6


Meal 1 - Hash = sweet potato, parsnip, kale, fried egg

Snack - Pear

Meal 2 - 1 small paleo breakfast "muffin" (whole30 compliant of course) boiled egg, avocado, cashews and strawberries

Meal 3 - Slow cooked mexican beef (shredded) with green chili salsa and avocado (amazing!)


Day 7


Meal 1 - Bacon, Egg, Avocado with steamed zucchini and carrot

Meal 2 - Beef burger (beef mince with home made mexican seasoning), onion, guacomole, sweet potato chips and kale.

Meal 3 - Lamb hot pot (lamb, home made chick stock, zucchini, carrot, celery, sweet potato, squash, herbs) and cauli rice


Feeling amazing so far! Loving most of the food. I get a bit "mehhh...i don't feel like meat and veg again" when I'm deciding what to eat but then I eat it, it's awesome. Planned some great meals for this week, looking forward to burgers again and the mexican beef too, and the lamb hot pot! haha...I made enough for left overs.


Drinking lots of water, occasional black coffee in the morning and lots of teas.


My partner said my waist is heaps smaller, which is great because weight loss isn't my main goal at the moment but I would like to lose at least 5 kilos in the next few months. Getting back into the gym next week too.


Haven't had any tummy pains so will be interesting to see if bulletproof coffee is the culprit of that one, I'll test next week. Toileting is all good too (TMI sorry, it's important to note for my IBS)

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Day 8


Meal 1 - Chorizo, eggs, capsicum, kale scramble

Meal 2 - Beef burger with onion, avocado and grilled capsicum

Snack - Blueberries and cashews

Meal 3 - Lamb hot pot and cauli rice


Day 9


Meal 1 - Sauteed garlic, mushrooms and kale with bacon and an egg.

Meal 2 - Slow cooked mexican beef with parsnip chips and green salsa

Snack - Blueberries and cashews

Meal 3 - Minted peas with bacon and poached chicken.

So I just figured peas were in the same category as snow peas. I didn't look into it too much because I thought "what harm could peas do". Hopefully none, as they were in the lamb hot pot too, so I've actually had some peas for the last 3 days, especially tonight's dinner. I think I am going to do a whole40. I think I have nutted out all of the do's and don'ts now.  But really...peas are the least of my worries at the moment.


But having said that, I am feeling a bit weird in the tummy now. I don't know if I'm being paranoid. It's not bad, just a bit off. We'll see!

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My tummy was feeling a little funny after having heaps of peas last night, but nothing significant and I feel fine today. I also had the best sleep I've had in ages. Fell asleep just after 10pm and woke up before my alarm at 6:15am. O/H's alarm and smoothie making didn't even wake me up!


Also, in the last 2 weeks I have had to cook, prepare or been offered the below foods (all for work) which I politely declined and ate my own compliant meals!


- 3 batches of brownies (didn't even lick my finger or have a tiny square of chocolate!! that is will power. aparently they were the best brownies ever too)

- White chocolate crisps

- Chili cherry chocolate

- Chocolate truffles

- Creamy chicken white wine pasta (i wouldn't normally eat this anyway but I would at least try the sauce while I was cooking it)


I've never had so much will power!

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Day 10


Meal 1 - Baked egg in a tomato with bacon + strawberries and cashews.

Snack - Vegie juice (whole veg and fruit)

Meal 2 - Vegetable and Chicken Soup

Snack - Cashew and Almond butter with an apple

Meal 3 - Slow cooked mexican beef with avocado, green salsa, sweet potato chips


Day 11


Meal 1 - Open Omelette (bacon, chorizo, kale, mushrooms, onion and garlic)

Meal 2 - Vegetable Chicken Soup

Snack - Nut butter with apple

Meal 3 - Slow cooked mexican beef with broccoli, avocado and sweet potato chips



Day 12

Meal 1 - Open Omelette (bacon, chorizo, kale, mushrooms)

so far..


So i'm getting the munchies the last couple of days....trying to combat it with herbal teas and crio bru....but it's not quite working!

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