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more intense reintro the second time


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Reintro gave me some questionable answers last time so I want to do it differently this time. During my original reintro I felt totally fine after non gluten grains, gluten and legumes. I felt achy and exhausted the day after dairy, but it was also during my PMS part of my cycle. I also found that during the summer when I just ate whatever I wanted I noticed a weird twitchy/dizzy feeling when I ate a lot of gluten and I generally felt fine after eating dairy.


Anyway this time around I'm going finish up my second whole 30 (only on day 7 right now) and then do a week of just dairy reintro every day and REALLY see how I feel (it's also timed to not be during my pms time). Then a couple weeks later I'm going to go right into whole 30 #3 and then do an entire week of gluten reintro. Then hopefully after that I can have the answers I need and just get back to riding my own bike :)

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