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Shannon's Whole 30 Log: August 24th - September 22nd


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Hello all! My name is Shannon, I'm originally from the Midwest but now live in So Cal. I love the sun and the breeze!

Lately, I've been feeling at my worst. Hot flashes, acid reflux digestion issues, joint pain and weight gain are just a few of the things I'm dealing with on a daily basis. I'm 25 and realistically I'm really missing out on good health! I have some crazy addictions to food (carbs, sugars and dairy), I over eat those in abundance. A can of frosting, why not?? A melted bowl of cheese, yes please! Bread, I'll take a loaf for the week and one for lunch. Fast food, mmm delicious...not really but I'll eat anything. I wish I were over exaggerating, sadly I'm not. These don't happen on a daily basis, but they do happen too often for my liking.

In a little over a year, I'm getting married. My worst fears are that I'll feel like shit and Tim (fiance) will not be able to carry me over the threshold. It is not that I'll be at the perfect size. It is that I'll be fat and hate my pictures, or be too tired to stand up for the ceremony. These are real tangible things that could just get worse if I keep going the way I am.

So, Tim has challenged me to do a Whole 30. I've done it before, felt great and for selfish reasons I stopped eating things that made me feel good. Instead of incorporating things I love (like a piece of cake) every once in awhile...I completely went off the rails.

I started today, will it be extremely tough? Hell yes. Will it be worth it? You bet. To be able to break free of addictions and find a good balance of what truly makes ME feel good will just be amazing. 30 days to a much healthier me.

In the past when I've done it (once, about two years ago I believe) I still continued to log calories and weigh in daily, I couldn't let go of that. But, I do NOT want to log or weigh in daily for the rest of my life. So, I'm stopping it, I'm going to see how it feels to eat real whole foods until satisfaction, to truly listen to my body and learn to love it. Also, due to extreme lack of funds, I can't eat organic, grass feed etc. 100% of the time and I personally am okay with that.

I'm going to write out my feelings, thoughts and food regarding this process right here! So bare with me, I may forget sometimes!


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