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rgbarron01 Round 2


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Back for another W30...last one was November of last year (a great experience).  Some old habits have been creeping up on me and taking over (soda, grrr) and I need to detox.  Also, increasing issues with joint pain and just overall ickies:-)


Today's Food Plan


M1:  3 eggs, sauteed onions, green bell peppers, mushrooms and spinach--olive oil

M2:  salad:  mixed greens, rainbow slaw mix, tomato, cucumber, green bell pepper, pricey tuna, O&V; grapes

M3:  crockpot chicken, yellow squash and onions, baked sweet potato, fat=? <--to be determined



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Today's Plan:


M1: 2 scrambled eggs, sauteed baby kale/onions/mushrooms, 1/2 avocado

M2:  salad:  mixed greens, cucumbers, bell peppers, onions; topped with leftover chicken (full serving), rainbow slaw, 1/2 avocado; leftover squash, peach

M3:  hamburger pattie topped with fried onions & peppers (clarified butter), green beans & carrots


Breakfast was delicious!


Caffeine withdrawal headaches started mid-afternoon yesterday.  I quit drinking coffee in March and substituted soda (coca cola) and sweet tea as energizers in the morning.  Decided to get rid of the caffeine altogether as drinking unsweetened tea isn't appealing to me.  So, yeah, not feeling too great this morning.  Thankfully, having done a W30 before, I know these symptoms are short-lived and I shall feel better soon.  Today is going to be rough though!

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Day 3


I survived Day 2 but it was rough.  I felt poorly all day (aches and pains as well as lethargic and moody).  It was sheer stubbornness that held me up at the stove to prepare dinner.


Today's Meal Plan


M1:  homemade chicken salad (leftover crockpot chicken, minced onion and bell pepper, homemade mayo); spinach leaves drizzled with O&V, olives, blueberries

M2:  hamburger pattie, onions/peppers/mushrooms, mayo&mustard, steamed white potato, cucumber spears

M3:  tilapia, roasted cabbage, carrots.  homemade tartar sauce if I can find a recipe,  otherwise fat=to be determined

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Day 4


M1:  homemade sausage (ground pork+ spices), 2 fried eggs, steamed cabbage & carrots

M2:  chicken salad, salad greens with tons of chopped veggies, whole avocado, blueberries

M3:  repeat of M1


M3 was supposed to be different but had an emergency vet visit.  Outcome was not positive.  R.I.P Bubba dog.


I am thankful I didn't resort to a McDonald's drive thru.  Repeat of M1 was infinitely better.



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Day 5


M1:  2 eggs, small sausage patty, white potato hash (leftover shredded steamed white potatoes, onions, clarified butter)

M2:  baked fish w/ curry spices on a bed of sauteed baby kale w/ mushrooms & garlic, olive oil drizzle, watermelon

M3:  pork loin, broccoli, cucumber&onion salad, avocado

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Day 6


M1:  sausage patty (the last of it!), eggs, sauteed bell pepper/onion/mushrooms/broccoli, olive oil drizzle

M2:  chicken leg&thigh, rainbow slaw, black olives, watermelon

M3:  pork loin, cabbage, sweet potato, clarified butter


Costco tomorrow for pricey tuna, irish butter, and whatever goodies I can find.


Feeling pretty good today.  Sleep was a little different for me.  I was exhausted after work yesterday and essentially went to bed at 6:30 pm.  Was awake from 2:00-4:00 am and then back to sleep from 4:00-8:00 a.m.  My normal sleep pattern is from 9:00pm until 4:00am.  I do feel like I'm in a healing stage and that my body needs rest.  Work schedule has been brutal...just finished working 19 days in a row.  I've had 3 rounds of that since May (work 19, off two, work 19, off two, etc).  I am off this glorious 3 day weekend and plan on shopping for good food, eating and preparing good food, and sleeping/resting.  That's it.



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Day 10


M1:  eggs, sweet potato topped w/ 1T sunbutter, banana, 

M2:  tuna salad, whole tomato, 2T sauerkraut, blueberries

M3:  hamburger, yellow squash/onions/mushrooms/peppers, slaw


Everything going along okay.  Hard to make food choices today--limited kitchen time.  As much as I do NOT miss the effects of fast food on my body, sometimes I really miss the convenience:-/

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M1:  add 1 cup cooked cabbage and carrots, delete banana


Found vegs hiding in the fridge...they take precedence over the banana.  On another note, I find it amazing some of the weird & tasty food combos I've eaten while on W30 program.  Breakfast does not always equal bacon, eggs & pancakes!

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Day 11


First skipped meal yesterday--dinner.  Home from work stressed and exhausted and very achy feet.  Reclined to elevate feet and I was out like a light.  So, I napped from 5:00-8:00 and didn't feel like eating at all.  After a bit (ok, a lot) of crabbiness at the world I just went back to bed.


Today's meal plan:


M1:  chicken/apple sausage, 2 eggs, broccoli, mayo/mustard

M2:  chicken apple sausage, cooked spinach (about 2 cups), garlic mayo

M3:  fish, potatoes, large salad w/ tons of chopped vegs., O&V dressing


I feel better this morning.  I wonder if there is any compliant valerian root.  Off to google!



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Day 13


M1:  scrambled eggs, green pepper, onion, mushroom, salsa&mayo, apple

M2:  salmon patties, lg. salad w/ ranch dressing

M3:  meatballs, sauce, zoodles, yellow squash&onions, olive oil drizzle

Feeling pretty good this morning.  Slept six hours, up one hour (nightmare), slept 3 more hours.  Lots to accomplish this weekend...better get at it!
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Day 14


Going to change my log format a bit.  I always have an eating plan for the day..but I don't always follow it exactly.  I'm ok with that as it works for me.  My plan provides framework.  Anyway, I'm going to post my plan and what I actually ate on the following day.  


9/6 - Actual

M1:  fried eggs, green pepper, onion, potatoes, salsa&mayo

M2:  salmon patties, tartar sauce, spinach salad w/ whole tomato, sm. avocado and evoo drizzle

M3:  meat sauce*, zoodles, olive oil drizzle


Sunday, 9/7 Food Plan


M1:  soft boiled eggs, spinach/onions/shrooms, evoo drizzle

M2:  tuna salad, sweet potato w. sunbutter, canned beets, maybe a piece of fruit

M3:  taco meat, salad greens, mayo/salsa, black olives, avocado


*meat sauce. OMG. I made my own sauce using a mixture of different recipes I found on the internet. First time I've ever used a meat other than ground beef...adding pork chops is genious. Richest, most flavorful sauce I've ever had.

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Day 15


Sunday, 9/7 - Actual


M1:  soft boiled eggs, spinach/onions/shrooms, olive oil

M2:  tuna salad, ½ yellow pepper, 2 pickle spears, grapes

M3:  taco meat, salad, mayo/salsa, black olives


Monday, 9/8 - Plan


M1:   egg salad, whole tomato, spinach leaves w/ O&V, strawberries

M2:   baked potato topped with taco meat, mayo/salsa, slaw

M3:   meat sauce, zoodles, slaw


Feeling tired this morning and not looking forward to a stressful week at work. Actually, I work the next 19 days in a row. Sigh.

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Day 16


Monday, 9/8 - Actual


M1:   egg salad, whole tomato, spinach leaves w/ O&V, strawberries

M2:   baked potato topped with taco meat, slaw

M3:   banana, cashews


Tuesday, 9/9 - Plan


M1:  3 eggs fried in clarified butter, slaw, 3 roma (fresh from the garden!) tomatoes, 1/2 avocado

M2:  baked potato topped with taco meat, salsa, 1/2 avocado, slaw

M3:  beef roast, salad greens w/ O&V, yellow squash & onions


Yesterday was miserable.  12 hours on my feet about killed me (plantar faciitis).  I could barely stand so I didn't cook dinner.   I came very close to giving up and ordering pizza but had a few cashews and a banana in hopes that the urge would go away.  It did.  


Pain filled night caused restless sleep.  I was able to tolerate the discomfort enough to fix breakfast and pack my lunch for work today.  Crockkpot will assist in dinner prep.  Not sure how long I'll make it at work today--lab environment requiring lots of standing and moving around.  I wonder if podiatrists take emergency calls.

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Day 17


Tuesday, 9/9 Actual


M1:  eggs fried in clarified butter, slaw, tomatoes & ½ avocado

M2:   baked potato topped with taco meat, salsa, slaw, ½ avocado

M3:  chicken thighs, asparagus, evoo, ridiculously small sweet potato, grapes


Wednesday, 9/10 Plan


M1:  bacon and eggs, tomatoes

M2:  chicken thighs, asparagus, tomatoes & olives

M3:  roast beef, potatoes, carrots, broccoli salad


Feet feel marginally better.


All else going well. This 2nd W30 has been a lot easier than the first one last winter.

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Day 18


Wednesday, 9/10 - Actual


M1:  bacon and eggs, tomatoes

M2:  chicken thighs, asparagus, strawberries

M3:  roast beef, potatoes, carrots, broccoli salad


Thursday, 9/11 - Plan


M1:  eggs, spinach/onions/shrooms

M2:  meat sauce, zoodles, strawberries

M3:  fish, tostones, broccoli salad


Energy levels are good, sleep is good, no complaints.  Broccoli salad was amazing.

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