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Starting My Whole 30 25th August


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Congrats everyone !!  David - awesome weight loss... I know that it is just a 'side affect'  but what a side affect. Thanks for the recipes - can't wait to try something else !


Dawn - Megan you both are inspiration !!  


The scotch eggs, are not on my favorites list... too dry.  Have to dip them into something.... then why bother. 


I tried roasted beets, do NOT LIKE them... I tried - nope don't like them. Parsnips are also not the greatest.  I have made breakfast meatballs by PaleOMG, without the bacon or maple syrup - and they are very yummy.   Check it out on the website - the recipe is out there so no worry about copy writing.  My daughter loved them.  I will definitely make those and freeze some for those quick throw together meals. 


I hope to keep up with you all - curious to see how your reintro will go.


I just checked out those recipes - look delish !!

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Hi everyone,

I just typed out a post but it disappeared. So now to retype everything.

Hope everyone comes over and joins us on the new thread. We had great support on this thread and we will have great support on the new thread. David posted the link to it above on his post. I tried to copy and repost it here, but It wont work for me. Stupid computers.

You don't have to be starting your 2nd W30 to join us. Lisa is on day 25 and Bonnie is around day 20 I think. Hopefully Tina comes over and she is in her 3rd week also. We all need the support no matter what day your on in this program. So come over and join us. David and I are monitoring this page so anyone having problems finding us, just post here and we'll help you find us. Hope to see everyone there.

We can do this


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