Whole30 post-heart attack

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Wondering if anyone has experience with this. The diet cardiologists will suggest is the standard low-fat, high fiber (heart healthy grains!) schtick. My friend's father had a heart attack recently and the Dr. limited him to 6oz of meat per day! It seems risky to go against what a Dr. is saying after a major medical event like this. Just curious what information is out there and what people think.

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I am interested in the feedback from this question as well. After my Dad had a heart attack the Dr.'s recommended the same-- a "Mediterranean Diet" that touted whole grains, little meat, etc. Of course we all want what is best for our him (and the rest of the family) so there has been concern about how much fat/cholesterol is consumed on the Whole30 plan. Systemic inflammation makes sense to me since there is a extensive history of autoimmune disease in my family as well. The hard part is getting out of the 'fat/chol phobic' mindset and avoiding the dreaded 'paralysis by analysis' syndrome since you can read all the literature and find a mass of completely contradictory studies.

Hope to read some good input on here!

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