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Whole 30 Part 2...


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I will be starting my second Whole 30 tomorrow 08/26/2014.  

My first whole 30 went very well and I actually dropped 2 pant sizes and lost 32 pounds.

What happened everyone has been asking me since March, well life has given me a karate chop to the 

gonads and I have realized you can either deal with things healthy or unhealthy.  

I have passed the book "It Starts with Food" around to 5 people and it finally came back to me and I realized I need to do this again.  


I can't wait to go through the emotions of the whole30 all over again, from the headaches, to the crankiness, to the over whelming amounts of energy.  


If anyone else is starting tomorrow or started today 08/25/14 feel free to chime in, it's always better when other people are holding you accountable.


Have a great day!

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