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Thank you! My cholesterol is better than ever!


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I started my first Whole30 on July 14. My scale was down 10 lb after successfully completing the Whole30. I was very pleased with that and after reintroduction of foods the number has slid back up a bit but not much. I didn't take measurements but I know there were good changes.


My biggest victory has been my bloodwork. I had a dr appointment today and I'm still floored by the changes.


In May, on my 39th birthday, I received a prescription for Crestor (cholesterol lowering drug). Here are the numbers justifying that:

Cholesterol, Total 215

HDL 34

Triglycerides 206

LDL 140

Chol/HDL Ratio 6.3


Every one of those numbers is out of range.


Today my blood work looked like this:

Cholesterol, Total 114

HDL 31 

Triglycerides 103

LDL 62

Chol/HDL Ratio 3.7


I've cried, happy tears, a lot today. Doing the Whole30 was tough as I was on vacation at my parents for the month and I traveled several times - lots of special occasions, eating out, etc. I feel totally vindicated for sticking to the plan and working so hard. I feel like I've finally established a positive feedback loop regarding my diet and health and I look forward to crafting plans for my future lifestyle. I'm so, so happy. I know that with some exercise I can get my HDL up to where I need it to be. And best of all, the doctor wants to cut back on the Crestor as my overall number is actually too low! 


I thank you all for sharing this journey. It's so much easier knowing there are others out there tackling the challenge. Best wishes for continued health and success for you all.

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