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New to Whole30 Looking for Local Support


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Hi all,

My name is Ayanna and I just started the Whole30 yesterday. I have fought a losing battle with my weight for most of my life. Constantly yo-yo dieting which left me depressed and frustrated. 7 years ago I had a health scare and without realizing it, I was following the Whole30 plan. I never felt so energized, healthy and happy. I'm done with the fad diets and protein shakes, I need to get back to the basics. Day one was pretty easy, but with my work and travel schedule I can see every day is going to be struggle. If there is anyone in the Milwaukee area looking for a support buddy or workout partner I'm game.

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I am from WI also, and am done with the yo yo dieting. I am just completing day 12, and feel completely different. 


I have a crazy work-home-kid schedule so everyday for me is a new day and a new challenge! 


But take one day at a time Yannaz and you'll do great. The trick that appears to work for me is  PLAN ahead! 

I take salad to work in a mason jar with fruit, avocado, chicken breast and a mix of greens. I have found I don't even miss the salad dressing with this combination. I put snacks of a veggies, and a few nuts and dried apricots in a baggie to have on hand for the just in case. 

One day at a time.....

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