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I got through two weeks of Whole 30 and was feeling amazing. I don't think I experienced any severe side effects (family members may tell you differently!!) but then I got sick. The good old flu. It struck me down for a week and I managed to stay on the Whole 30 for 3 days before succumbing to toast and then some chips and then some chocolate fudge.


I'm normally a pretty healthy eater but the aim of the Whole 30 was to reign in some bad habits that had soared recently and to help moderate my moods. I suffer from depression and bad body image issues so I was hoping for an overhaul in terms of the way I see and deal with food.


Anyway, after a week of reverting back to bad habits, I'm back and feeling more motivated than ever. I know I could get through 2 weeks last time so surely I can survive the Whole 30 this time around.


Anyway, my day so far:


Meal 1 - Omelette with 2 whole eggs plus 1 white, roasted vegetables (eggplant, red capsicum, mushies and zucchini) and lot's of Himalayan Rock Salt, 4 strawberries, 2 medjool dates, a handful of almonds and a double shot espresso.


Yep, I eat big meals. If I don't, I am wanting to eat again two hours later. I also feel if I sit down with all of this food prepared in front of me then I can really enjoy it and appreciate it.


I'm pretty sure all of that fits into the Whole 30 guidelines but if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please let me know. I want to do this properly!!

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The dates can be an issue because they are sugar bombs, but they are acceptable, especially in the context of a meal like yours. I would rather you ate 3-4 whole eggs and left the almonds out of the meal, but they are okay too, especially in combination with everything else. 

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