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Carb-flu Hangover?


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Day 3 is over. So far, so good.

I'm wondering if any of you are feeling the "hangover" that is mentioned for days 2 and 3? If so, what are you feeling?

I am not feeling anything of the sort and actually feeling rather terrific. (This has me thinking I'm doing something wrong.) Prior to starting this a few days ago, I was a vegetarian for about 8 or 9 years. No dairy in that time, but I did eat eggs quite regularly and some carbs, nothing crazy, but I did eat carbs with at least one meal a day, if not two. Also normally eat a lot of fruit and vegetables every day. So now I am wondering if that's why I'm not feeling this hangover. I've been following the rules of this Whole30 to a T. Even gave up coffee because I just can't enjoy it without the Almond Milk and two tsp of sugar!

Eating all this meat and some chicken is so DELICIOUS! When I became a vegetarian it was to see if that way of eating would reduce inflammation in my joints, spinal cord, and help with twice yearly bouts of pneumonia and the flu. I have Syringomyelia in my spine which is physically debilitating at times, lesions (neuro is calling them "scars" so I don't get all freaky about multiple sclerosis!), and was just diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica. That is simply a fancy word for arthritis in the joints of the hands, hips, shoulders, and knees that also causes muscle weakness. So being a veggie would reduce inflammation and make any pain and stiffness go away. It probably works with some people, but that wasn't the case for me.

I'm hoping the Whole30 is the right path. I'm feeling great. So I hope I'm not eating a loaf of bread and a hunk of cheese in my sleep and that's maybe why I don't have a hangover!! (Hahaha I'm not really a sleepwalker and sleep eater :)

If anyone reads this please let me know if you are having symptoms of the carb flu hangover or if you are feeling energetic as well. Here is where I have found the day by day changes we are most likely going to feel:http://whole30.com/2013/08/revised-timeline/

Thanks and good luck on day 4!

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Hi Chezzie!

I've done a similar plan before, and I can promise hat carb flu is real. But I thought it would have hit by now as well. I'm starting Day 4 today. Just keep at it. If you eat enough protein and salt, I think symptoms are less flu like, but I'm not positive.

Good luck!


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