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BOOM! I finished the Whole30!!


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:) Goodday


Interesting... When I started with Whole30, I counted every day. By the end of week two I realized that I've stopped counting the days.... every now and then I would check the date and see on what day I am, but not religiously. Well I just checked my calendar and guess what today is DAY 30 of my Whole30 (SURPRISE!!) - so that means I am on my last day and that I can eat anything I want as from tomorrow. The great thing is...I don't want dead food no more. A month ago a rusk or a croissant or a piece of chocolate cake or even just a sandwich looked very desirable. It does not anymore. It looks....dead. Thank you to the Whole9 team for your research - I have to admit I am hooked, I eat like a king and I look like a princess  My skin disease is gone, my sinus is gone, I have lost weight without even trying to, I sleep better, I have heaps of energy, my hypoglycemia has vanished, my moods are non-existing - I am happy all the time. I would love to tell the whole of South Africa about your amazing work and what it can do for a person's well-being. Thank you so much!


PS.  The attached photographs were taken on Day 1 (before) and Day12 (after) of Whole30.  Only twelve days and you can see the amazing difference!



Marethe Grobler




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