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Thoughts after finishing Whole 30


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Thoughts after finishing 30 days of WHOLE 30!

I am stronger than I ever gave myself credit. I have always thought I was weak when it came to food. I LOVE FOOD and can keep up with a lot of men when it comes to the amount of food I can eat! I never thought I could give up cream and sugar in my coffee. I never thought I could give up wine or my vodka sodas for 30 days. I never thought I could get through my 6am bootcamp at D1 without a swig of 5 hour energy and 2 FRS supplements. I never thought I could eat a hard-boiled egg before a workout without getting sick. I never thought I could set the alarm clock even earlier than 5:25am so I had plenty of time to eat that hard-boiled egg before working out. I never thought I could sit next to someone eating a plate of chips and cheese dip and not take a bite. I never thought I would get through 30 days without any real cravings for non-compliant items. I never thought I would try so many new vegetables and like them. I never thought I could cook and eat at home for 87 out of 90 meals over the last 30 days. I always thought when 30 days was done I would look forward to indulging in a big bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream but I don’t. I never thought I could get through 30 days with no dairy, sugar, grains, legumes, soy, processed food and alcohol without killing someone or running off all my friends but 30 days have passed quicker than I ever imagined and I have finished with following the program 100% of the time and no cheating. I feel good. My stomach feels great (#1 reason I did this). My energy level has been good even though my sleep hasn’t been good at all. This is one area that I am still trying to figure out since I know this lack of sleep has hurt my progress on the program and I think I could have had many more awesome results if I could have gotten 8 hours of sleep a night. My nails are hard as bricks. I have loved all of the food I have made and have found many dishes I will continue to make going forward.

Besides my sleep issue my only other issue has been a diagnosis with arthritis in my toe. It has really been bothering me and the doctor just prescribed anti-inflammatory pills which I am not thrilled about. I am thinking this arthritis diagnosis could be due to the amount of eggs, nightshades and nuts I consumed during the past 30 days. I have ulcerative proctitis so I may need to try the whole 30 autoimmune plan however I’m not ready to start that just yet but may go for it.

I have had some great friends encourage me throughout the past 30 days. They have checked in on me and told me how proud they were of me. I am pretty dang proud of myself! My husband has been supportive by not opening up bottles of wine in front of me nor bringing home all of my favorite foods during these 30 days. Now, I will eventually dig into that bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream and thoroughly enjoy it. I just don’t plan to eat half a gallon like I might have in the past.

For anyone reading this and thinking there is NO way you could finish Whole 30, I am here to tell you that you can. It is only 30 days and then you can start introducing all of your favorite foods to figure out which foods affect you and which don’t. The one thing I have learned is I am stronger than I ever thought I was. How awesome is that to find out after 44 years!!! If you have any health issues that you want to improve this Whole 30 program may be worth a try. There are tons of testimonials of many health issues that have been resolved by following this program for 30 days. Buy It Starts With Food and change your life!!!

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Congrats Dear,


It's look like that you have adopted new pattern to spend your life. It's sound life reading someone story with a title "Re Born" 


any way it's only the fitness which can empower us to perform our Job nicely.


"Thank you W30 to leading us towards healthy life " 

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