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start date 9/1


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I am Tamie I am going to be starting september 1st, 2014.  I have a lot of food sensitivities and  cant eat a lot of the foods excluded in this program. so other than sugar/chocolate withdrawl i think i should be ok.


I'm starting Monday too.


I'm starting Monday as well I know I'm gonna go through sugar and chocolate withdrawal as well but I'm excited to get started!!!

Hi all!

I just finished my W30 and I can tell you that miraculous things await you in 30 days! I also have multiple food sensitivities and almost all of my symptoms have disappeared. Some take longer than others to go away and it depends on how damaged your system is when you start. The important thing is to start! Stock up on all of the food supplies you will need, follow the meal template exactly, and do not deviate EVER! Melissa Joulwan's Well Fed books were my bibles as was the Nom Nom Paleo app.

Best of luck and be sure to keep a food journal here so we can help troubleshoot!

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