Day 3 and 4! Check it out!!!


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DAY 3 and 4


Today was the worst!  Low energy, headache, dwindled motivation, aches and pain, flare up of IC symptoms and strong cravings for bread, cheese and a caramel mocha from Starbucks plagued me all day long and had me wondering if this torture was really worth it.  Moreover, since I am now hydrating my body properly, I had to run to the bathroom incessantly and that added to the usual frequency and urgency I get with IC.  Moreover, I have a wicked rash on my back and my neck/face, as if my body was trying to clear out all the crap I have been feeding it for the past few months.  Nevertheless, I think everyone in the family did particularly well, especially the kids who have stopped complaining and demanding bread, pasta and milk.  I had a few whiny moments from my five year old yesterday who still doesn't quite comprehend the reason behind this drastic change in our eating habits, but that is to be expected from someone at such a young age.  Change is scary in general, so I can imagine how my baby must feel at having everything she knows about food turned upside down.  Luckily, children adapt to change quite swiftly, mainly because they do not have decades of poor nutrition behind them and therefore have an easier time breaking bad habits.   The rest of the kids and hubby are still on track;  the best past is they really (especially the kids) DO eat what I give them.  So it's up to me to make the right choices and give them foods that will nourish their bodies and make them lean mean studying machines instead of junk that will turn them into technology obsessed, overweight depressed humans in training.






Food wise, I ensured that everyone had the necessary nutrients to stay on track.  I packed everyone's lunch the night before and cooked them breakfast at O dark thirty before I had to walk them to the bus stop at 0700.  Breakfast for everyone comprised of homemade apple sausage with green beans, some scrambled eggs and melon,  lunch was the left over meat spaghetti sauce with cauliflower and mushrooms/zucchini pasta for  me, and dinner was cocoa rubbed roast beef with pan roasted potatoes, carrots and broccoli.  Today was the same breakfast as yesterday, and I once again packed everyone's lunch except mine and Chloe's since we ran out of roast beef.  Not to worry though as I defrosted some Italian chicken that I had leftover from the first day with some sauteed zuchinni/mushrooms for me and cauliflower/green beans for my baby. The good element about this program is that there is absolutely no food wasted.  For the first time in a long while, I actually have not thrown food;  on the contrary, I often find myself running short of a few things, especially after I have packed lunch for everyone.  Our appetite has definitely increased and we are truly longing for our meals and devouring every bites in our plates.  That is because we are now NOURISHING our bodies versus just feeding it some empty calories.  Snacks are also vital as the can make the difference between sticking to the program and falling off the wagon.  Indeed having a viable healthy snack option available at all times is primordial to be able to fight the "sugar monster" if it rears its ugly head.  And when I speak about a healthy snack, I am NOT referring to some sugary so called healthy cereal bar or processed artificial protein bar.  A healthy snack should comprise of a meat, a fruit/veggie and a healthy fat/nut.





Speaking of devouring, I noticed this morning that my fridge and my cabinets were virtually empty of food.  So I headed to the store with my five year old today;  what an adventure!  It was pretty simple of the shopping trip as I stayed on the outskirts of the store at all times; avoiding at all cost the center aisles at all costs.  Indeed, as a general rule, junk is usually located in the inside aisles and healthy foods such as meats, fruits and vegetables are on the outside surrounding aisles.  Nevertheless, I had to answer the no to approximately 99% of the items my baby asked for.  I know she probably thinks I am mean and all, but that is for her own good.  However, something amazing happened when I returned  home:  the kids and the Husband were actually EXCITED to have healthy foods back in the fridge.  I had never seen my children get so tickled pink about eating an apple and a piece of prosciutto!




Physical activity yesterday was virtually non existent as I was suffering from severe exhaustion. Additionally, i find it increasingly difficult to find the motivation to go downstairs and exercise to the same routine, over and over.  It's not that I don't like the 21 day fix work out, but I have always felt awkward exercising in front of my TV.  I long for the day when I could just hit the pool for a kick ass session, or the pavement for 1K repeats or even the bike for hill intervals.  I miss my triathlon lifestyle dearly but I need to detox my body from all the junk first before expecting prowess in my athletic performances.  Indeed, the body needs to get used to burning fats as a source of energy and this process may take a few weeks in order to fine tune your body.  Still, my goals are still to run a half mary in 2.04.16 or better, a full mary in 4.49 or better and a half IM in 8.15 or better.  I guess I have a lot of work to do as I doubt that I would be able to run a 5K in under 30 minutes right now.  This is what complacency brings to you: MEDIOCRITY!  And anyone who knows me a little knows that I loathe mediocrity in everything.  I would rather NOT do something than do it half way!



Anywho, the week is well on it way now and we are still standing!  So now I am just waiting for all the benefits of a Paleo diet to make their appearance, such as clear skin flat stomach, increased energy, improved mood and athletic performances and an all around sense of well being.. Orr at least I'm hoping :-)  Cheers everyone!

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