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Stock up suggestions before my 9/1 start...


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Hi everyone!  I'm going to get the ball rolling on 9/1 for my very first time.  This weekend I'm planning on getting stocked up on my groceries so I can have everything on hand prior to mealtime.


I subscribe to a monthly meal planning service (for dinner meals only) that has a Paleo option.  In skimming those recipes, it seems like everything is fairly whole30 compliant, and if not it will be pretty easy to modify.  So I'm feeling ok about that.


I think for breakfast I'm going to make some egg casseroles.  I have two small kids, and I work FT, so mornings are already a rush.  I figure the casseroles will be good b/c I can make them ahead of time and just reheat them either at home, or in a pinch when I get to work.


For lunch, I'm thinking I will just use dinner leftovers, or maybe some salads w/ protein?  I could use some favorite suggestions here.  Again, it would be excellent to prepare these in batches and just have them easy to grab and go.


So that is kinda my thoughts going in.  However, I could really use some suggestions on good staples to have around.  I think I"m going to run to the health food store over lunch and look for some ghee.  I also was thinking that this weekend I'd do a whole chicken in the crockpot, and make a bunch of broth off of that, since my dinner meal planner recipes often call for broth.  I also want to make up a batch of mayo.  What are some good dressing recipes for salads?  Anything else I could have on hand to get off on the right foot?

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Sounds like you're ready to roll! 


Some additional staples that have gotten me through this month are canned tuna, frozen meatballs, compliant tomato sauce, and pre-cooked frozen chicken. (I grill extra whenever I'm cooking it then chop some up and freeze it.) 


Those plus some fresh veggies were enough to throw together an emergency lunch or dinner. I have become a huge fan of chicken or tuna salad with freshly made mayo!


I also use a meal plan (eMeals, Paleo plan) and have found that making extra for lunch the next day was super easy. 


Good luck!

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The best things I did before starting on Monday:


  • I made a big vase of Mayo using simply 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 egg and 1 cup of olive oil. It was the best because it's so easy when you look at your plate and realise you haven't got enough fat - just lug on a big glob.


  • I bought a really good free-range chook which was roasted and ready for Day1. We're Day 3 and eating the last tonight for dinner.

Also, we've increased our fresh fish purchase.

And we buy organic beef in bulk: 10 kilos of various cuts and types which go straight into the freezer.


Buon apetito!

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My go-tos are ground beef and vegetables. I keep the big bags of frozen kale from Costco on hand, so any time I have a pan of sautéed vegetables going, I add at least 2 cups of kale to the mix.


So for breakfast this morning, I had leftover ground beef mixed with sautéed onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and kale. That's enough by itself, but since I had time, I fried up a few eggs and added those on top, too.

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