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Body aches, not enough protein

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I was getting body aches before my first whole 30. I got them during reintro too. I thought it might be dairy. But now I'm on day 12 of my second one and I have them again, but I know it's not any food causing them- it's because I went 24 hours without eating any protein. I was feeling sick yesterday (mild tummy bug going through the family) so I only felt well enough to eat fruit and veggies. I ended up with pretty bad body aches like before. I think the reason they went away during my first whole 30 is because I was forced to eat meat during every meal, but sometimes when I'm eating dairy/grains/legumes it fills me up and I don't eat any meat for many meals. That might explain why I feel fine eating those foods in the context of a whole full meal though (or if my pizza has meat on it or something). Just a thought...

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