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Day 7, 1st Whole 30


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I've been so worried I would have a bad experience that I'm completely shocked about how good I feel. I have never been a morning person, but now I wake up so refreshed!

I am still struggling with cravings though - I woke up this morning thinking about pancakes. I wonder if after a lifetime of bad eating that will get any easier.

My fiancé and I are doing this together before our big day, and I really hope to make this a lifestyle change even after. I'm not sure he feels the same way though - he has always had stomach issues and he is certainly struggling. He has been intensely nauseated the last two days and not been able to hold down much. I'm hoping it's just the carb flu. He works outside in the heat and usually drinks Gatorade, and he thinks it's due to heat cramps and only drinking water. It's been over 100 here in FL. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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