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How is it working for you?


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Hello Newmenext30!


I did a W30 last February and felt great.  In fact I felt so awesome I did another after about a week or so off.  People 

at work were asking what I was doing because I looked so great.  This summer I had a lot of reasons to celebrate,

so I DID!  I started another W30, now that school has begun again.  I'm on day 7 today and already have seen & felt

a big improvement in my face & belly.  


You CAN do this.  You will be so happy after 30 days.  Just stick to the protocol; no slips, oops, or "close enough"s.


Wishing you health & happiness!   :)  :)

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I'm on day 6 of the program. so far I'm doing great. a few headaches and really tired at night but I've got more energy during the day. I'm not feeling the "carb flu" that everyone talks about. I'm feeling pretty good actually. Hope you have a good first week like I'm having. Good luck on your 30 days.


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I am brand new to this and was wondering - how is it working for you?  I'd love to hear your story - good, bad, ugly, and all!  Any tips for getting this right?  I am starting September 2nd.

I just finished mine and had great results! My advice is stick to the meal template exactly as it is laid out. Any deviation will delay your detox and subsequent healing. I speak from experience!

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