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Starting Friday, August 17


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Hi, Everyone-

I stumbled upon this website yesterday and was hooked immediately. My husband and I have been dabbling in paleo for about 2 months now, but I have tended to let unnecessary and addictive things creep in (diet soda, wine, some home baked things-I DO love to bake)

We have 6 kids-ages 10-22 and I am a stay at home mom. I lost 90 pounds 4 years ago doing a popular point- counting technique. it worked wonderfully,for quite a while. Then, when some real- time life stresses kicked in all at once, I became a lot less focused -my brother fighting cancer-and I am worried about POINTS ??!! My husband getting laid off and I am worried about POINTS ??!! You get the picture. It spiraled into a pretty low place for me, and I have had a really hard time staying on track with healthy eating for a while now. I do well for a few days, then lose it again. And again. and again.

I have gained back about 30 pounds, and am NOT A HAPPY CAMPER !

My brother passed away a year and a half ago, my husband got a job two months after being laid off- hated it for 3 years, but was just recently hired at a new job he LOVES. Ok- now what excuse do I have ???

Since we have been dabbling in paleo for several weeks, I think this may be a good time to kick it up a notch- I am ready for the 30 day challenge. I have a few alterations to make-no more diet soda, wine, chocolate. I can do it, though. I have to take care of ME ! I have been driving kids around all summer, staying at their team practices for hours on end,etc. After this Thursday, I am free from that till Sept 4th- a good 19 days to focus on what I need to do to make this work,take the time and DO it ! We already have good habits of doing weekend food prep,I get the kids to help and it's usually pretty fun. (Haven't done it in earnest since the end of June,though)

My ISWF book arrives in the mail today. I am going to absorb it while waiting for the girls at gymnastics practice this afternoon, and try to finish as much as possible before I food shop on Thursday. (I like to be really prepared and focused).

I am excited to be part of this community and get all the support and info I can take in. I thank everyone here in advance :)

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Welcome to the gang, love your post. I too lost a sibling to cancer, my sister in '03. I think living ones life to its full potential is a great homage to those we loved who didn't get a chance to.

Have a great w30!

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By the way- weight isn't the only issue. I need to sleep better,and would love more energy!

Bridget, sleeping better and more energy are the first "benefits" I got, within a week or less. I've had insomnia for a couple of years now, and have slept like a baby since I started eating this way! You're going to love this ... have fun!

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I have my shopping list in hand-ready to hit Costco, the farmers market & Whole Foods. My daughters are determined to help me prep food for the week for all of us,which is a big help.

I am looking forward to several things in the next 30 days:

Hoping for better sleep

Hoping to lose a few pounds

Happy that I don't have to try and eat every 3 hours-but can focus on 3 good meals instead

Trying a few new foods,perhaps

Finding other ways to deal with stress than eating-it's starting to get pretty comfortable out -love my morning or late afternoon walk/jog on our hilly street when it's nice out !

Hubby is in this with me, which makes me very happy :)

I am really excited to focus on what I need to be healthy and happy- I spend all my time on everyone else-no complaint-but there is nothing selfish about taking care of ME.

I am still fine tuning my goal sheet. TV isn't a problem- we own one but only use it for movies occasionally-no cable,etc,so none of us are attached. I already lift weights 4 times a week, but want to get more walks/jog time in-really seems to clear my mind. I got on the scale this morning-but have no problem staying away from it for the month. When I was counting points-I got on every morning religiously, and it really did affect my mood and my day- for a long time, for the better, but when things slowed down. YIKES !!!

I'm gonna work on my goals while the girls are at gymnastics tonight....

I start TOMORROW !!! I don't know if I will log everything I eat here-I am not crazy about being in front of the computer once the kids get up-early morning works great for me. I do plan to be accountable each day in some manner, though.

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Welcome! I know what you mean about having your husband on board with you. I knew going in to this process that if my SO was eating differently from me I'd have a rough time. But we've been working our Whole 30 together from day one with great success!

I've done that point based system before... for me it would work great for a few weeks - then as I lost weight I'd also have fewer points and so less food. Very frustrating as I felt like I was being punished for being successful!

Sounds like you have the cards stacked in your favor! Good luck with your journey.

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Welcome Brigid! I am ex points slave too, although it worked pretty well for me & I lost 30lbs, I'm a lifetime member and even applied to become a leader myself. Needless to say I have no intention of peddling their food philosophy any more....

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Just got home from Costco. I had planned to go yesterday,but hubby's new job pays him on Fridays- so I managed to scrounge up a few eggs, some zucchini, onions and tomatoes from the garden and make a pretty darn good breakfast. I then went shopping.

TWO wins for me so far today:

I actually wore my glasses into the store to READ every label to what I was putting into my cart (which I will later be putting into my mouth) Stayed 100% compliant. I did buy mozzarella cheese-I am still going to make the kids pizza on Sunday nights- I just won't be having any-which I haven't in a real long time anyway. The "bread" shelf in my fridge is loaded with veggies-first time ever !

Then, I managed to go past my usual McD without going thru the drive thru for a large diet coke for the ride home, as I have done faithfully for the past I don't know how long ! I had to run into CVS to get something, so I did get myself an ice cold bottle of water- I really was thirsty.

I liked getting my Day 1 e-mail and look forward to reporting in a successful day tonight !

I'd better go get my lunch together-I am getting pretty hungry.

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Sun came out- so we prepped listening to music then went swimming-there will be lots of crummy days outside for a marathon soon enough, I am sure !

Today started out pretty tired, but feeling ok. Day 3 is supposed to feel that way, so I was pretty encouraged when I read my daily e-mail.

Made me less tired knowing that's normal-plus I've been keeping busy today, so no time to be crabby & tired.

Wine discussed and shot down by both myself and husband last night. BIG HIGH FIVE !!!

Chocolate has been creeping into my mind,but I keep drinking water and getting busy out of the kitchen !

I had to buy 4 bags of lentils this morning for my girls to make bean bags for the fair at our church next weekend. Husband walks into the kitchen, sees them on the counter and says- "Are you trying to kill me ??"

We have a trip to Philly this Tuesday to drop my son off at school. I will be packing food-there is a lunch for the parents-not letting my guard down till I know what they are serving-not taking ANY chances 'cause I am NOT starting this over !

One more meal and Day 3 is in the bag :)

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Kitchen closed on Day 3-might make a cup of tea before bed-new habit I've started, really relaxing before bed,so I might make it a new part of my day. Beats polishing off a bottle of wine with my awesome husband. I guess...:)

I wasn't as tired today as I thought I'd be later in the day-I woke up pretty sleepy, but shook it off-probably by keeping so busy. Errands and some more cooking for the week. Anyway, glad I didn't get crabby at anyone !

Here's to Day 4 tomorrow ! Hope you're all hanging in there :)

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Days 4 & 5 went really well-considering I spent all of yesterday on the road and at my son's college. They fed the families and I was concerned with what they would offer-it ended up being a buffet with a pretty nice sized salad bar, so I did well. My protein was a bit low because I didn't want to chance it with the deli meats or any of the other meat offerings, and the fish was swimming in butter. So, I stuck to the salad bar, added in lots of hard cooked crumbled egg. Then, when I got back to the car to leave, I ate the meat muffins I had made just in case. My husband and I made a rest stop on the way home- which traditionally would have included some fast food thing and definitely a large diet coke for the road. Not this day ! No, sireee. We each got an unsweetend iced tea and polished off the fruit, sauteed onions and peppers, slices of rost beef and almonds I had packed just in case. Not really substantial amount, but certainly enough to sustain us and get out of there safely ! So, no non- whole 30 foods or drinks all day, once again (insert HUGE smiley face here ) We are definitely discussing a lot more the habits we have established over the years that we look upon fondly, but need to revamp to stay in the awesome mindset we are establishing.

I actually read aloud from ISWF on the way home and we discussed how we need to really rethink things- what's actually WORTH eating/drinking, and how we will need to really make future decisions regarding non compliant foods into something special. After our Whole30,that is.

I slept like a relaxed,fed, clean, baby. THAT was special. Here's to many more nights of that !!!!

I look forward to perusing the forum later today-haven't had a chance to do do in a few days.

Day 6-well on its way :)

Oh yeah-I was also thinking yesterday about how I've come to connect certain music CDs we have with the comfort of baking for my family. I LOVE music, and having spent so much time in kitchens over the years, have associated certain music with baking, which I love to do. I am going to start playing those same CDs while I prepare the foods I am making now, trying for the same relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere that I have always had. My husband and kids have been very happy and satisfied with the new things I am preparing, and I would love to have that come to mind when I hear the music. Just a thought...

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My husband paid me the biggest compliment this morning. After giving him his plate at breakfast-he pulled out his cell phone and took a picture of the meal ! He thought it was beautiful-then proceeded to show me pictures he took from two other breakfasts ! Meant a lot to me-I am working hard to make sure this is not a "diet", and is attractive ALL the way around !!

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Day 7

I do believe I've slep for 9 hours each of the past 2 nights.

WooHOO !!!!!

Yesterday went well w/food & energy levels. I could get to really like this :)

Today's daily e-mail was really helpful. I have been reading on the forum many comments from people who feel they are overconsuming nuts, dry fruit, nut butters. I have not had that problem - no nut butter or dry fruit in the house, and the only nuts I have are almonds-and I can only eat a few of those at a time. I appreciate the comments because I could see trying to change things up a bit in the next week or so by adding them in, but given my knack of overdoing a good thing-I'm not even gonna go there. I like macademias-but know I could easily overdo it,so I'm going to stick with what I have in the house. No need to set myself up with more triggers than necessary ! Also with the coconut milk-which I do have, but don't have more than 2 tablespoons a day. Not that I am measuring anything, but I did check how much I put into my coffee. I could take it or leave it at this point,so I don't think it'll be a problem. I am a little paranoid about just replacing old bad habits with new ones. That is why I am really focusing on making fresh, attractive whole30 meals for every meal-so I won't feel deprived or like I need to find some food comfort later on. I've also been finding more things to do outside the kitchen, away from food for a while so I don't dwell on it too much. Had a lot of fun outside with the kids yesterday-the pool was awesome.

I have been re-visiting my goal sheet. All the food related/nutritional goals are the same, but I now need to work on exercise goals. I enjoy walking, running, and lifting weights,so I will structure them into my next week and stick to it !

Have a great one, everybody !

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Day 8 victory, besides stellar meal choices: My 17 y/o son is away at school for the first time, away from all of us, and we are a really close knit bunch. It's been pretty hard on his 19 y/o brother. He's only been gone 4 days, and sounded great yesterday, but was hijacked by a real bout of homesickness, jitters regarding English Composition class, and questions in his head about whether or not he should even be there.

I talked to him and calmed him down, talked some stuff out,and he'll be fine. He's a very outgoing, positive kid, so this isn't really him-just the whole new thing going on.

It is tough for me to not be able to make it instantly better-he's far away and a young man now, so he's got to deal. (But he's still my little "valentine"- only he's not so little at 6'2" and 200 lbs...)

Pre Whole 30, I'd definitely be eating something chocolate right about now, and calling DH up to ask him to bring home some wine-you know, stress and everything :wacko:

NOT THIS DAY. I didn't even consider eating anything. Really, how did I ever think that would help ?? I did stop for a few minutes and think about what I would have done in the past,but it wasn't even an option or even a desire. I'M NOT HUNGRY, EITHER !

HURRRAAAAHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Day 11 here-haven't posted in a few, but it's been going really well. Yesterday was our annual church fair-my husband is in charge,and the men's club likes to set him up w/ free food and beer all day. Not happening this year ! (It was our 6th year doing the fair) He was awesome, polite, and determined, and I am really proud of him. I got up extra early, made sure we ate our yummy, filling whole30 breakfast (I used to just pack muffins or egg sandwiches to go. Instead, we took our time and enjoyed a nice quiet breakfast together at our counter-MUCH nicer !) Breakfast held us over easily, then lunch I had packed the night before. We drank a lot of water all day, and were pretty busy,so I never even thought about eating all afternoon. Nice thing was, I felt great when we got home. We are usually wiped out after this event,slightly crabby, and really hungry. Not so this time, and I had the energy to make a really nice dinner. We even stayed up and counted the proceeds and filled out all the deposit slips,etc. It usually takes a day or two to recoup and even want to deal with the paperwork.

Simple thing, but we noticed and it made us pretty happy.

I had a great sleep last night, and for the past few nights.

I saw on here that Well Fed went down in price on Amazon, and I ordered a copy. SCORE !!!

By the way- a new-ish friend of mine was at the fair yesterday. I don't see her too often, but when I do, we can talk like we've been friends forever. Anyway, she lost quite a bit of weight counting points over a year ago. She's looking pretty good, but said she's put on a few pounds, and isn't really keeping track of the points anymore. She has quite a few stressful things going on right now, and her 23 y/o daughter was just diagnosed w/ celiacs. I told her all about what my husband and I are working toward, and gave her the info about ISWF for her and her daughter to check out. THEN, a police officer from town came over to the table we were sitting at and asked my husband "what is that- a special diet ?" because he was eating the grilled chicken salad I had packed instead of the crappy fair food. He complimented on how good it looked and wanted to know what we were eating-he said he needed to watch his carb intake,etc. My husband briefly described what we were doing. He thought it sounded great-but "too much work" to actually do.

We'll keep trying !!!

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