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Starting Friday, August 17


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Day 13-Things are still going great. I went grocery shopping yesterday-pretty easy because now I know what to buy and what to seriously STAY AWAY FROM !!! It's amazing what's in the food we used to eat :P

I am feeling a little tired today, but otherwise have been feeling fine and in control-which is a GREAT feeling !

My husband is doing really well, and keeps thanking me for doing this with him and preparing his meals. He even shared some info about the whole30 with a man he works with. This guy is 44, looks like he's in great shape, runs,works out, and is a diabetic. He and my husband stopped into TJoe's after a lunch meeting yesterday because he needed to pick something up for his wife. He ended up buying a bunch of junk as well. My husband wanted to shake him. He didn't. He just started at this job 3 weeks ago. Better not start shaking people yet. Seriously, though, he did share what we were doing and the man seemed genuinely interetsed,so we'll see. Back at the office, he started telling another co-worker about what my husband told him. I know that the best way to spread the word is by example, and we are determined to go thru 30 days in compliance.

Our 23rd wedding anniversary is this Sunday. We already discussed skipping the usual wine to celebrate (I am starting to not even miss it-I CANNOT believe it !) I am sure we will make it special, and I am not at all nervous about celebrating because I know we will stay firm in our resolve. Together.

The kids and I start school next week-so we are enjoying our last few days of "freedom" (Although we homeschool and it's really not all that rough :lol: )I was really hoping to get down a routine for our meals so when we start school cooking won't take up a lot of our day. I think we're getting there. Hope to make a lot of stuff up this weekend to prepare.

One last thing- My copy of Well Fed arrived yesterday. Made the Meatza pie for DH for dinner tonight, more mayo, and the italian seasoning so far. I think the chocolate chili is next...

Stay strong, and well hydrated !!

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Day 14-I feel great this morning-not nearly as tired as yesterday.

Meals are going really well, and I haven't snacked in over a week,feeling quite satisfied after each meal and getting by fine till the next !

I have been doing a lot of thinking about how I have /have not taken care of myself in the past.

I spent so much of the last 3 years exercising and staying away from fat. All I got was tired and bigger.

It has been so enlightening reading everyone's stories here. I think I have finally adopted a much healthier attitude toward exercise and eating.

I'd been weight training every day and cardio 4-6 times a week. That may be nothing to some of our friends here, but I really think it took its toll on me-combined with my fear of all things with fat in them and the predominance of grains in my diet. I was eating every grain and veggie you can think of, believing I was doing what was best for me. I've been SO tired for a long time.

Well, I have come to this point,and am learning every day how much better this way of eating is. I LOVE not being afraid of food !!!!

I am a pretty good cook-have had several jobs over the last 15 years that have actually paid me to cook, and I truly enjoy it.

It is SO MUCH MORE FUN now !

I also have come to a happy place (for now anyway) in regard to my exercise. I have been taking walks, easy jogs a few times a week, and have been on a less strict weight lifting schedule, sort of doing it when the mood hits,which has been consistently about 3 times a week,which isn't so bad. I have a small gym in my home, and it was really getting to be a burden to "have" to go down and workout, though there were no real obstacles to doing so. I started dreading it, knowing full well how tired and cranky I would later be. No amount of Cliff bars made up for how I felt physically or mentally. I know I turned to sweets and diet coke whenever I was stressed. Let's just undo all the hard work, why don't we ???

I am home full time teaching my kids, and truly enjoy being with them. I have felt so bad for my moodiness and tiredness at times, no fault of theirs.

I am SO looking forward to starting our school year next week, feeling better, in control, and with a happy, low stress plan for eating and exercising. The sleep I am getting better at, the calm I feel, and the patience I now feel coming a lot easier are all results of my whole30.

I also realized that I have absolutely NO expectations for weight loss during this time. I mean, I feel like I have gotten smaller,but am not anticipating any specific number, which is a HUGE deal for me. I haven't even considered getting on the scale (another biggie). I have read here so many different results,so I know because we are all different our results will vary. I don't even have a set number in my head (sorry for repeating, but I still can't believe it !) I am very happy and peaceful with the changes that are taking place. I know I will not be disappointed no matter what the scale says at the end of this 30 day start. I like feeling good !!!

DH and I are having a hard time thinking of anything we'd want to introduce on a regular basis-things we thought we'd never be able to go without are now things of the past. We will be discussing this for a while, I know, but we are happy with how things are going now.

Day 14- time to get the laundry done.

Have a good one !

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Day 16 done !

I made the zucchini noodles from Well Fed again tonight, w/ beef tenderloin and sweet potato chips. I also made homemade pico de gallo. It was all so good. That zucchini dish is amazing !

Tomorrow is our 23rd wedding anniversary. We don't have the $$ to go out, but we really don't want to anyway. DH says he wants to know for sure what we are eating, so we are better off at this point just making something here. We REALLY like knowing what is in the foods we eat. It's so simple. Not sure what I'll make yet, but it'll be fun.

We may spend the day tiling the basement floor- we just pulled up part of the carpeting due to water and the cat using it as her litterbox. At least we can clean the tiles ! I am looking forward to having the energy to get the job done, and not feel completely broken on Monday morning !

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After a successful anniversary-basement floor tiles down and 100% compliant in our whole30, today is day 18. We are having a friend over for dinner-who's been out of the country for 8 years. Can't wait to see him-he used to babysit the kids when we lived in Maryland. Anyway, we are having grilled chicken,chicken sausage, hamburgers for whomever wants them. I made sweet potato chips, two salads,deviled eggs,steamed broccoli and 4 mini cheesecakes. DH and I are cool with all of it- just won't have the cheesecake. I couldn't resist at least baking them, because our friend was also a co-worker at a retreat center I catered at for 10 years, and always liked the cheesecakes I made. I purposely made mini ones so I could make a few different flavors, and the temptation won't be around because the kids will each get a little piece (these things are tiny) and they will either be gone or tucked into the freezer.

We are both so much more relaxed, and happy, I think. I haven't been crabby toward anyone in quite a while. Hope it lasts :)

We start up our busy schedule tomorrow afternoon with the girls' gymnastics practice. I will need to either eat dinner early or bring it with me. That's why we started our whole30 when we did- so I'd have some good habits after 19 days of making and planning compliant meals, and when we started up the hectic evenings, I'd be prepared. I am not looking forward to sitting at the gym 2.5 hours three nights a week, but I can bring work to do, and my laptop, so I can peruse the forum. Might not be so bad afterall !

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Day 27 here-still going strong with no plan to let up steam ! I have been reading here daily, just not posting a whole lot. My daily e-mail today was so perfect. What will I work on next ???

I am planning to continue eating as I have been-can't think of anything I want to reintroduce at this time. Perhaps a glass of wine when my BFF comes up from Maryland to be my daughter's Confirmation sponsor in a few weeks, but other than that (and I am not even sure I wanna go there) I don't think I miss anything. I LOVE how we are eating.

I want to start right up where this one leaves off, but incorportae some fitness goals for 30 days. REALLY stick to it-I think my concern is being able to know/balance what else I may need to eat to keep my energy up. Nothing worse than feeling rundown and getting crabby at the kids ! I have gotten so used to the portions holding me over from one meal to the next. A little scared to eat more-but I guess I need to trust my body and the signals it sends me.

I have not weighed myself-have not predetermined amount of weight I want/need to lose, but have gotten several compliments and will take them ! :D I will probably try on my jeans that were tight a month ago, and hope they fit better. Not sure about even dealing w/ the scale-but I guess part of me would like to know how much I may have lost. Dunno. Maybe not-I used to play so many mental games with the scale. UGH - Hey-maybe after this next whole30/workout30 I'll check it out ! Or I'll feel so doggone awesome I totally will not care !

I also want to work on improving my mind. I am a crossword puzzle fanatic, NY Times, to be exact, and I know that is a great brain stimulator, but I have not read much of anything. I might choose a few classics that I have made my kids read ( :P ), or something. More thought on that one...

Anyway, still thinking about how to proceed from Day 30 on saturday. It is exciting and feels so great to be in control of something. Finally.

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