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Day 1--September 1


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Hello, everyone, 


Today is my first day on the Whole30 program. I've done Paleo-type diets before, and I definitely noticed a difference in how I felt, lost weight, etc. What I haven't been able to do is learn how to eat healthy.


I typically go it alone when I decide to diet or change my eating habits, but I decided to take advantage of the resources on this website. I just ordered the e-book, so I'll start reading that soon, too. 


Here are a few facts about me at the start of my Whole30 journey (in random order):

  • I just turned 44, and it feels like it's getting harder to shed body fat and weight.
  • I'm about 20 pounds heavier than I used to be and would like to be. 
  • About six years ago, my relationship with food changed drastically, and I became an emotional eater. (There was a lot going on in my personal life.) I would eat until I felt sick. My weight has been up and down ever since
  • I just came off of a month-long food binge (vacation, etc.). I gained seven pounds. I ate more sugar and grains than I have in a very, very long time.
  • I have my third half-marathon coming up on October 18 (I'm a walker/runner.). So I'm trying to focus on that, because I'm afraid I'm going to have a tough time lugging my out-of-shape, chubby body up and down hills. And I have to finish the race.
  • Although I'm obviously hoping to lose weight, I think it's more important that I change my relationship with food. I need to change my relationship with food, because I think it's tied to other poor choices and fears/anxiety in my life. Maybe if I can get a handle on one, I can start to change the other. 

That's all I can think of for now. Good luck to all you other Day-One folks.

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BB, thanks for your post. I also started on Sept. 1.

Today is day 4 for me and I finally stepped on the scale and looked at it with utter horor.

I am 5'3" and i now weigh 100.2 kg.  I cannot bring myself to type the number in lbs.

I am 42 and just want to feel normal again. All of a sudden I am out of shape. I use to walk/run marathons and even signed up to to a half marathon this month but I have not trained one single day.

I will just try to walk it.

I think i am in the mean bitchy phase of my withdrawl sysmptoms but i know this is good for me no matter what others tell me.

I feel like I am finally taking control of me. My partner is trying to do it with me but I fear he will be my downfall as I can see him just

telling me to have a gin and tonic after a hard day at work.

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