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September 8th, anyone?


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I'm Frustrating with the website, I am using my voice activated texting & it's not posting??? This is my third attempt and I gave up with the voice thing (it's just so much easier though!)

I'm doing good. Had zero energy last week but am now enjoying good energy through out the day.

Cooking different recipes. Nomnompaleo.com is still my favorite. Spicy Tuna cakes & Asian meatballs are great! I usually make sliders instead of meatballs, it's just quicker. Anyone making anything new? I'm going to try Swedish meatballs, orange chicken & BBQ pulled pork.

Hope all is well with everybody!

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Hey ladies,


how you all doing?


I was tired yesterday and that translated into  "I'm burnt-out on veggies"...ugh.    Maybe it's the winter ones I'm getting tired of...hope spring comes soon!


I'm noticing i'm not being as strict this time, so I've cut my snacks out.  I was reaching for cashews too often, and also just nibbling on this and that when i'm cooking.   Old Habits that I need to clean up!


Made Swedish Meatballs yesterday and the gravy is The Bomb!   the meatballs needed a little more salt...a little bland, even with all the spices.

I'm going to try homemade BBQ sauce this week, with pork ribs and boneless,skinless chicken thighs...real excited to try it!!


anyone making new recipes this week??

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my co-worker gave me this link  http://www.paleofondue.com/2014/10/24/paleo-swedish-meatballs/

have fun making them!  I actually doubled the batch and cooked them in the oven. it was just too tedious cooking on the stove top.  I also cooked the onion and garlic for longer than recommended, i just think they are more flavorful when cooked longer....

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I made a new beef bourgignon (think stew) over the weekend that was somewhat labor intensive but DELICIOUS! I stuck 4 servings of that in the freezer for quick meals for my lunch or when I'm less prepared or feeling lazy.

Tonight I made chicken with spinach and artichokes and onions and carrots. Pretty good. I love artichokes! I feel like it's missing something in the seasoning but I'm terrible when it comes to stuff like that and this was my first go at it so it's a little more plain than what I typically go for. Ended up with 3 meals out of that.

This time around I feel like I'm really cooking smarter not harder. Making big batches of food that freezes nicely or that I know I can eat on for a few days. Right now I have 2 pounds of breakfast sausage already cooked in the fridge, 3 containers with about 4-5 ounces of carnitas in each container, and now the 2 meals worth of leftover chicken and veggies. I might not have to cook again the rest of the week and it's only Tuesday.

I'm trying to keep myself to one serving do fruit per day with lunch and so far I'm doing pretty good with that but that's tough for me. I must admit that I'm eating the grape tomatoes like crazy since they sit out on my counter... I guess better those than cashews or pistachios.

Hopefully the month will continue on pretty smoothly for all of us!

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Hey ladies! Just wanted to pop in and say hello. The January attempt was not successful for me. And since then, it's been so hard to get back to a commitment; even though I've been through this before and can attest to the benefits! So frustrating. 


Anyways, I'm thinking of doing a Whole 7 starting this Sunday. I think the idea of 30 days is overwhelming me and then I end up just sabotaging myself. Let me know if you're interested in joining me. Would love the company. 

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