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Nermal6873 starting 9/2


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Thought I'd jot down some of the reasons for wanting to try Whole30 so I can look back when I'm done to see if I'm getting the results I wanted.


Better sleep (fall asleep faster, stay asleep at night), which will hopefully correspond with higher energy levels.

Get rid of my acne.

Get rid of my indigestion that recently started again :(

Get rid of sugar! I don't have a sugar dragon, I have a sugar demon that takes over my entire being. I think this and dairy will be the hardest.

Losing weight and/or inches is of course a nice bonus!


A little nervous getting started, since I've been eating vegetarian (with occasional fish) for about 8 months now. It will be interesting to see what happens once I get into this. Here goes nothing!


Hopefully I remember to update my log every day! :unsure:


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Day one is done! Crazy-hectic between work and trying to get my shopping done and food prepped. Ate way too late, so got too hungry, but didn't have prepping done yet. But, managed to stay on-track! Should be less snacks tomorrow, since I had a chance to cook tonight and now have some stuff pre-made (sweet potatoes, breakfasts for on-the-go, etc).


Breakfast- 2.5 eggs (daughter ate some) with bulletproof coffee (1TBSN coconut oil, sprinkle of cinnamon).

Snack- Homemade larabar (dates, almonds, dried non-sweetened cherries). Was starving after picking up DD and didn't have anything made yet.

Lunch (not until around 2!)- can of tuna with 1/2 avocado smushed into it- surprisingly good! Baked sweet potato with cinnamon

Dinner- Garlic ginger pork chop, riced cauliflower, other 1/2 avocado. Was still hungry but had to take DS to taekwando.

Snack- spoonful of almond butter, left-over broccoli from tomorrow's prep.


Definitely didn't eat enough with each meal. Will do better tomorrow! But yay for at least staying compliant!

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Day 2- headache for lots of day :(

Breakfast- 3 broccoli egg "muffins", 1/2 avocado, green tea

Lunch- shredded chicken, baked sweet potato, banana with almond butter

Dinner- bell pepper sloppy joes with arugula lemon salad. Yummy!

Sipped on infused water throughout the day, which seemed to help a little with the hungries. Really tired, but might be just due to bit sleeping well last few nights with vacation and what not.

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Day 3. Feeling better

B- chicken apple sausage, sweet potato, avocado

L- spinach, arugula, tomato, green olives, mushroom salad with shredded chicken and Greek dressing. 1/2 banana

D- bacon apple turkey burgers, grilled tomatoes zucchini and red onions

Post run- shredded chicken

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Day 4. Sooooo tired! Slept 11 hours last night and almost fell asleep this afternoon. Family went for tcby after dinner, but I stayed outside. Too tempting.

B- 3 broccoli egg "muffins", sautéed mushrooms, compliant chicken sausage

L- spinach arugula salad with mushrooms, tomatoes, shredded chicken, and 1/2 avocado. Homemade balsamic dressing. 1/2 banana.

Snack- was starving and needed something. Handful green olives, spoonful of almond butter. Reminds me I need to make sure I have "quick" protein available for those times.

D- Jamaican flank steak and mustard zucchini/squash. Soooo good!

Testing out new hydration tomorrow since nuun is out for now :( Got pineapple coconut water; hopefully I can stomach the taste.

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Forgot to update yesterday!

Day 5- up early for 16 miles, which threw everything off.

pre- 1 (or 2?) broccoli egg muffin and 1/2 avocado

during- 1.5 homemade larabars (almonds, dates, dried cherries). pineapple coconut water (tastes like feet need to try new drink).

post- chicken apple sausage.

Fell asleep on couch, so no actual meal

L- can tuna with homemade mayo; sweet potato, banana, and can't remember what else- olives maybe?

D- coffee orange beef brisket (DEFINITELY doing that one again!), broccoli & red onion

Tried cherry juice as well for possible future fueling.


Day 6-

B- 3 broccoli egg muffins (had to run because of church- need to remember to be sure I add fat to breakfast

S- banana at church- so glad they had real food choices for volunteers!

L- Family had pizza :( I had leftover brisket, olives, and a sweet potato

S- 1/2 homemade larabar.

D- Lemon-garlic chicken breasts, roasted tomatoes, asparagus. Yummy!

Can tell I didn't eat enough the day before, because I was hungry all day! Need to be sure to eat enough on long workout days.

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