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What do you mean there's nothing to eat???? My first Whole 30


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Well, obviously I'm getting really off track on my log and I have to get back to posting nightly!!!


Day 24 - Finished with my cookup and look, no dish pan hands

Day 25 - Lists and more lists


Day 24 & Day 25  - Spent the last two days doing more cooking to get me through the end of this round.  Got my homemade beef jerky made and goodness it is so good. Made my own marinade (compliant) and marinated it overnight. I will tweak the marinade as I don't really care for the "sweet" of the coconut aminos, so I cut it with apple cider vinegar to give it more of a bite.  I want to play around with the spices more too to give it more flavor, but I am not a "hot and spicy" person so I am going to see what I can come up with on my next batch.  I have two awesome bags of jerky as I don't ever want to be caught without emergency protein again. I cut up some fruit and some veggies to have for the week.  It's really nice to be able to just open up the fridge and have a meal in minutes.  In the beginning, it was kind of overwhelming trying to cook three meals a day, but as the weeks have gone by, I've gotten into a rhythm and have picked quicker, easier meals.  This has enabled me to not have to many dished to wash and therefore, no more dishpan hands.  I tried to use my dishwasher but it turns out that 1) I actually like doing dishes, it's kind of soothing and 2) I kept having to fish things out of the dishwasher that I needed.  I also made Kahlua chicken - OMG - it is better than the pork.  This could be a food without brakes for me, except it's meat, so glad I can eat as much as I want LOL.  I have enough of that for several breakfasts, lunches and dinners and will definitely be making it again.  EXCEPT I did have an issue of bloating the last few days and am not sure if it is from pineapple or the bacon that I used in the chicken.  Since I have an issue with pork loins and pork roasts, it could be the bacon, but it's never bothered me before, but, my body is becoming much more sensitive to what flares it, so I'll have to keep a closer eye on things to see.  The pineapple really irritated my mouth  and actually left me almost a cold sore type split in the corner of my lip along with irritating my tongue.  So I don't think I'm going to be eating pineapple anymore.  It doesn't seem to do that when I grill it or cook it, but not really sure I want to take a chance.  So still learning to listen to my body.  I'll try the chicken again in the morning and see if I bloat after I eat it.  If so, I'll switch to compliant beef bacon. 


As for lists - Round 1 is coming to a close.  I want to be able to make a list of all that I have accomplished during this first round.  All the health benefits I have seen happen in this short amount of time.  I want to have this list in hand on Monday when I step on that stupid evil torture I call a scale.  If I haven't lost weight or horror of all horrors, if I've gained weight, I want to be able to look at that list and really focus on what is important - and it is NOT a stupid number on that scale.  I want my head to get that as my heart already knows it.  I am also making a list of how I want to modify my Round 2.  No, I'm not talking about stretching the rules or bending anything, but I want to modify MY program.  I am going to start cutting back on fats because I eat A LOT of fat.  Probably half of my day's meals are fat.  Ghee, coconut oil, mayo, eggs, and avocados.  I've eaten probably 20 or more avocados in the last 25 days.  I just want to cut some of it out, not all of it because I know the fats along with the meat and veggies are what keeps me full, but I do need to cut back.  Also, my portions are HUGE.  I think I am afraid that with not eating snacks, I'm going to be hungry and wanting snacks.  So far I've only had a few snack attacks, but I can't keep eating these huge meals.  I am also cutting out all fruit except for apples.  I love apples and they don't leave me craving for more.  I have to give up the grapes, melons and pineapple.  They leave me craving for more.  And nuts.  I love nuts.  I thought I was controlling my nut intake pretty good, but they are one of those deceptive things.  A handful is just too much.  I can eat 4-6, but I can't just eat 4-6.  And they flare my IBS.  So I'm giving up nuts.  So far that is what I am going to modify.  I think it's a good start and hoping to see even more benefit when the end of Round 2 comes along. 





Meal 1- Prosciutto slices; pear; cucumbers; olives

Meal 2-Portobella mushroom stuffed w/meatballs covered with Italian sauce

Meal 3-Kahlua chicken salad w/avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, pineapple, mango, onions w/Moroccan dipping sauce for dressing



Meal 1-fried egg; Kahlua chicken; fried plantain;

Meal 2-Portobella mushroom stuffed w/meatballs covered w/Italian sauce; spinach/mushroom salad w/creamy Italian dressing; apple

Meal 3-Kahlua chicken; apple/sweet potato hash; cucumber slices


That's it.  4 days to go!

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Day 26 - I'm a hot mess of indecision!!!


I want to do another round of Whole 30, but I also don't want to do another round.  I can't figure out if I don't want to do it because I need a sugar fix or I just want to test the waters on my own.  Knowing me, it's the sugar fix which absolutely would point to me that I need to do another freaking round.  Another stroll through Wal-Mart today (gosh I am learning to hate Wal-Mart) for more vegetables, which I just can't seem to keep enough of in my fridge, and another round of sugar craving.  I swear that dang dragon was flying around my head today trying to set my butt on fire.  It's not my food, I'm eating way more than I probably need to be eating, so it's just maybe another last ditch effort by my brain.  But I was really hoping by now, the dragon would at least sleep a little longer than a day or two.  But this too shall pass. 


I am also battling the bloats again.  I'm getting really frustrated trying to figure out what to eat, what not to eat.  I wish I just didn't have to eat at all and then start adding a food here and there to see if it's causing me problems.  All the information out there on AIP and leaky gut is soooooooooo overwhelming that I just don't know where to start.  Eat eggs, don't eat eggs; eat this, don't eat this.  If I took out everything you aren't supposed to eat, I'm not sure there'd be a whole lot left to eat.  The way my belly looks today, I look like I've gained 5 lbs during this Whole 30.  I think I'd be crushed if that was the case.  No matter the health benefits, I just can't add more weight on that I have to lose :(  I haven't weighed at all, but I can see in the mirror and I really can't tell any change.  I may have a little less fat in my love handles, but that may be it.  I am realistic though - and for me - it wasn't really about weight loss - I just don't want to have a weight GAIN.  I just wanted to see if I could do it and have some healthy results from it.  I have done it (almost there) and I do see results in my health.  Which is why I am leaning towards another round, no matter how hard it might be mentally instead of physically this time.  I know I didn't get in this shape overnight or in 30 days, so I really don't expect massive results with all my conditions in just 30 days.  It's just hard sometimes when you see people who did have awesome results and their bodies are really changed and you still look the same.  I don't compare myself to anyone, it's still hard though. 


Oh well - decisions to be made and only 3 more days to go.  Still can't believe I made it this far and I am so proud of myself for having accomplished this through some very hard, difficult situations. 


Meals today:


Meal 1 - Chicken, sugar snap peas, strawberries with coconut milk

Meal 2 - Chicken, cucumber slices, mango; 6 macadamias

Meal 3 - Salmon patties; buffalo cauliflower, carrot/raisin salad w/mayo dressing

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Day 27 - And my decision is.........


After reading the article "Ride Your Own Bike" and getting some wonderful advice from a support partner on our FB page, I have decided to do Whole 7's until I feel strong enough to take off my training wheels and come out of the confines of the "rules".  I realize that part of me is scared to go off into the scary world because I've done it so many times and have failed.  If I stay Whole 30, rules and all, I have a reason to not face life.  But that is unrealistic.  So I want to do at least another week of Whole 30/Whole 7 because I just don't have a firm grip on the sugar dragon yet.  Until I do, I'm not going out "there".  Then I want to do a day of reintro because I'll I'm reintroing is yogurt and some cheese.  Then when that is done, I'll move into pretty much a paleo lifestyle with a Whole 30 thrown in every four months for good measure and to keep myself on track.  I don't think any other Whole 30 will rival this one.  I challenged myself to do this not thinking that I could stick to it, but I have.  Well, technically I have three days to go, but I'm going to call it close. 


Meals today:


Meal 1 - Egg, chicken, carrot/raisin salad

Meal 2 - Sliced beef, carrot/raisin salad, cucumber slices

Meal 3 - Shrimp scamp w/zoodles; tossed salad w/creamy Italian dressing (homemade)


I did reduce my meal sizes today and was pretty okay with it.  Kept really busy so I wasn't just sitting bored wanting food.  My bloat was gone this morning and I didn't eat nuts today, so that may have been my culprit. 


27 down, 3 to go.  Getting really excited here!

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Day 28 - An electrified Sunday

Day 29 - Plans change and we have to roll with them....


Sunday we spent the day putting up some new ceiling fans as most of ours were having some sort of dysfunction.  After the first two, we figured the third would be a piece of cake.  Sure was until we flipped the switch and sparks started shooting out everywhere.  Yep, wrapped a wire wrong.  So took the whole thing apart, got it rewired, put it all back together and the stupid fan wouldn't work.  We had lights, just no fan.  Took it apart again, looked at everything, rewired every thing [again], put it all back together [again] and nothing....lights worked but nothing else.  Took it all back down, boxed it up and to Home Depot I will go tomorrow for an exchange. 


I can not believe I am in the final hours of my first Whole 30.  Never did I believe that I would be able to truly do this.  I am a bona fide sugar-holic, foodie, binge eater at times, grazer at others. I have tried to find my way for the last few years and made several breakthroughs in my eating habits, but not enough that I could stay healthy or stay away from the sweets long enough to really start some healing.  I have seen what 29 days can do and I am not sure I want to go back to any way of eating that harms me like that.  I can wax poetic all night long about the health benefits I've seen (hair is shiny and thick, skin is clear, tongue is pink and not coated, not bloated [most days], GERD symptoms are gone unless I eat a trigger food, and although my joint pain isn't 100% gone, it has eased up some, my thinking is clearer and my sleep is deeper and more restful), but for me, what the Whole 30 really did for me was really opened my eyes about what food I am actually putting in my body.  Even though I thought I was eating healthy, I still ate a lot of pre-packaged "health" foods and sometimes a lot of pre-packaged junk foods.  Reading labels and truly scrutinizing what I am buying and why is something that I am going to take with me into the future.  I never realized just how much hidden sugar is in the foods we eat and while I believe it will be okay to eat bacon that isn't compliant, other things like BBQ sauces, ketchup, mayo and stuff, I think I am going to make on my own.  As for rolling with changes in my plan.....I am going to go forth on Wednesday doing at least a Whole 5 as I might have my future daughter-in-law coming in for a week next week.  I would like to be able to take her out to eat some good meals and I don't want to have to worry about grilling my waiter or waitress about every single think I put in my mouth.  However, I'm only going to do that or a meal or two and not every meal for the whole week or I'd be in just as bad shape as I started. I am also a little worried about not doing a reintroduction, but do not plan on eating any grains, beans, and very minimal dairy anyway.   Sure will be nice to have a cup of coffee with a little creamer in it though :D When she leaves, I'll go right into a Whole 7 to clean out my system of any food toxins and then probably go into the "real" world and start riding my own paleo bike! 




Meal 1 - steak, eggs, mushrooms, onions, pineapple

Meal 2 - sliced beef, cucumber slices, apples/sweet potato casserole

Meal 3 - Hamburger patty; 1/2 white potato w/ghee; mushrooms



Meal 1 - Chicken, salmon patties, 1/2 sweet potato, pineapple (thank goodness that is gone)

Meal 2 - Sliced beef, cucumber slices; handful macadamia nuts; strawberries

Meal 3 - Zoodles w/Italian sauce and meatballs; tossed salad w/creamy Italian dressing


That's it.  24 hours to go.  So excited.  So scared. 

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The other thing I noticed as I left to go to the Wal-Mart is that things are bright, really really bright and really colorful.  It's like a veil has been lifted from my eyes and I am seeing clearer.  Is that even possible?  But the sky was bluer, the trees greener and really vivid.  I love it. 


Sassy, you've posted a lot of great things in this thread.  But this one ^ is still my favorite.  Please carry it with you in your mind as you begin to ride your own bike.  I'd love for you to be able to ride it in this bright and colorful world you've discovered.  :)


It may be Day 30 by the time you read this, so I will just say now -- "Congratulations!"  



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Brewer5 - you brought tears to these brightened eyes.  Thank you for all your support and sometimes tough love.  I appreciate that you took the time to read this and guide me.  Because of you and so many others who supported me on our FB page, I can say I COMPLETED MY WHOLE 30.  :D 

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DAY 30 - IT IS DONE!!!!!


I can't believe it's over and I can't believe I did it.  I COMPLETED A WHOLE 30.  Even if I do 10 more, I don't think I'll ever feel as accomplished and satisfied as I do right now.  This has been an amazing and complex journey.  I started it seriously thinking that I would make it maybe 10 days and then derail, but there was something in this that just drove me.....it made sound sense at times and at other times I thought I'd go crazy overthinking it all.  The detox days were not easy, but once I got past them and I started feeling better physically and mentally, I just wanted to keep going to see how much better I really could feel with all the junk out of my system.  And at the end of 30 days, while I never truly felt "tiger blood", I felt a natural energy that I haven't felt in years.  And sleep - oh glorious restful deep sleep.  Those two things right there made all this worth it. 


I sat last night and this morning and jotted down all the changes that I have seen in my body and in my mental state. 


  • No yeast infections - this is huge as I was getting them very frequently due to being a diabetic and living on a high sugar diet.  With leaky gut, candida grew and spilled over. 
  • Reflux has all but disappeared.  If I get it (I've actually had it twice in 30 days and that is a big improvement over nightly) I look at the food I ate prior to the attack and usually can pin point down the culprit (so far, pineapple, pork, cumin, and a few others that I'm too tired to remember)
  • My hair is so shiny and much thicker with less breakage and less fallout
  • My eyes are so clear and my vision is shaper.  Really crazy, but everything is just so much more colorful and vivid
  • My skin is much clearer and my breakouts are very few
  • My tongue has lost it's white coating and is nice and pink.  Haven't had any ulcers on it or any canker sores (which was something else I would get frequently because of the sugar)
  • I have increased mental clarity and focus.  I can remember things better and don't always seem to be searching for words.  Because I'm able to focus, I am able to complete tasks that I usually would start and not finish because something else would grab my attention
  • I have increased energy that also enables me to finish tasks and not just spin my wheels
  • I have less bloating and very little gas or IBS symptoms
  • I have gotten extremely "regular" with all the vegetables and instead of wiping, wiping, wiping, wiping and wiping more, I go, wipe and am done.  No sticky poo!!!!
  • As the fat is being used up, I am seeing muscles in my legs, arms and abs that were usually under a layer of fat. 
  • And sleep, glorious sleep.  Deep, restful, restorative sleep.  Even if I have to get up to go pee or let the dogs out, I am able to fall right back into a deep restful sleep without laying there tossing and turning. 
  • I have seen some decrease in my arthritis and joint pain, not a significant difference, but still a slight decrease.

There is no doubt in my mind that if I stay on this plan or as close to it as I can, I can continue to feel better and reverse damage that was done over my lifetime of bad food choices.  I have learned so much about not just food, but myself.  I am strong.  I have willpower.  I have guts.  I have courage.  And I completed a Whole 30!!!

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Pounds Gone - 2.1


Inches Lost: 15"  (can you freaking believe that)!!!!


Bust - 1.5" (has to be backfat - my cup size didn't change)

Waist - 2.5"

Belly - 3"

Hips - 2"

Right thigh - 1.5"

Left thigh - 1.5 "

Right arm - 1.5"

Left arm - 1.5"


I don't know how to upload pictures because the before and after speaks volumes and shows it's not always about weight loss.  Overall, I am pleased and am on to ROUND 2.

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Umm, yeah... you need to figure out how to post those pictures, Sassy!   :D


At the bottom right of the reply box, there is the option of "More Reply Options".  Click on that -- and on the next screen, there will be an option to upload attachments. I would love to see your pics.  You had all the health benefits, so many reasons to keep going, as it was -- so the body recomp is just the ...ummm... not icing on the cake... what is a suitable Whole 30 term?  haha



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SassyBoo - congrats on your 1st 30.  I just started my first 30 on Oct 1.  Your posts have been very inspiring and helpful.  Thanks for sharing your journey.  Can't wait to see where you end up after round 2.  I'm in GA also. (but Tech is my choice.  ;)) Good luck going forward.  I'm a little disheartened to hear your joint pain has not improved much - that's the main reason I'm trying this.

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ChiggerCane:  Please do not be disheartened.  I didn't do all this damage to my body in 30 days, so I know there is no way that 30 days will cure everything, but I have seen a big improvement in the level of joint pain and soreness.  And I noticed for the last few days, while sick with sinus problems, my elbow is no longer bothering me.  Last week it hurt pretty good, but these last three or four days, it has eased up a lot.  So I just think that time does help and the cleaner your body is and more efficient it is working, the better you will feel.  I hope your journey is going well.  I'll follow your log so I can check in on you periodically and please feel free to do the same.  I have a second log for my 2nd round and it's called "DING, DING ROUND 2...and this times there's plenty to eat".  BTW - Tech is looking pretty good this year!

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