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Wyo Girl goes W30: Round 2


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It's a new school year and time to reset! I completed my first Whole30 in April 2014 and loved it! Since finishing, I've stuck to many of the W30/Paleo guidelines. Never added back bread, pasta, cereal, milk, yogurt or cheese (other than occasional cheats). When I do have those things, I notice the crazy bloat and blood sugar swings for sure!


The summer's over and BBQ season is wrapping up. Time to get back on track. I do Crossfit 3-4x per week and am working on finally getting my pullups and double unders. I know that eating right is half the battle!


Day 1:

PreWO: 4 homemade turkey meatballs, 1 tsp of almond butter

Breakfast: 6 turkey meatballs, 1/2 sweet potato, 1 Tbsp compliant guacamole

Lunch: spinach salad with leftover grassfed beef burger, 1/2 apple, handful of pecans, olive oil drizzle

Snack: macadamia nuts & raisins

Dinner: grilled chicken, roasted potatoes, guacamole

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ALL THE CRAVINGS!!! The sugar cravings have begun!


Day 2:

PreWO: 4 turkey meatballs, 1 tsp almond butter

Breakfast: 2 hb eggs, 1/2 sweet potato, guac

Snack: cashew butter

Lunch: spinach salad, apple, pecan, grilled chicken, olive oil drizzle

Snack: Applegate brand turkey pepperoni, black olives

Dinner: Sweet potato, coconut oil, turkey meatballs, guac

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Figured out that my cravings are bad because of PMS! Yay! (Not)  Also, all of my avocados have gone bad, hence the reliance on guac. (Not that I'm complaining, I love guac!) I'm surviving till weekend with my supply of separates - precooked proteins and carbs. This weekend, I'll actually make some recipes for leftovers.


Breakfast: turkey meatballs, guac, strawberries

Snack: macadamia nuts

Lunch: spinach salad, leftover burger, grapes, olive oil

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Day 4 & 5 - Whoops. Stayed on plan but just wan't on the computer much all weekend.


Day 4:

1: eggs, fruit, guac

2: spinach salad w/chicken, apple, olive oil

3: steak, roasted potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, olive oil

Snack: macadamia nuts, plantain chips, olives, carrots, grapes  (social night with friends)


Day 5:

1: meatballs, sweet potato, guac

2: spinach salad, tuna packed in olive oil, apple

3: sweet potato with compliant chili, coconut oil on sweet potato

Snack: banana, macadamia nuts

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Day 6:


PreWO: meatballs, almond butter

1: 1/2 sweet potato with coconut oil, 2.5 hard boiled eggs

2: Spinach salad, steak, apple, pecans, olive oil

3: chicken, brocolli, olive oil

snack: macadamia nuts, raisins



We had a pretty social week but I was able to stay on track with some pre-planning. We hosted a friend for drinks and apps on Friday night - I drank tea and our apps were mostly W30 friendly - olives, carrots, grapes (I just skipped the hummus and pita chips).


I've noticed an increase in energy and strength in my workouts, sleeping much better, nails are growing faster and my skin in clearer. Sugar cravings seem to be decreasing. Digestive system is very happy with me! No bloating and my stomach seems leaner. Basically, all unicorns and rainbows over here! :)

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One week done!


Day 7:

1/2 sweet potato with coconut oil, 2.5 hard boiled eggs

2: Epic bar, sliced veggies

3: Chicken, plantain chips, guac

4: Sweet potato topped with (compliant) taco meat, guac, black olives


Day 8:

PreWO: banana, almond butter 

1: sweet potato, coconut oil, meatballs, guac

2: chicken, brocolli, guac

Snack: Epic bar, veggies, apple + cashew butter

4: TBD


My work schedule has changed a bit, leaving me with only a 15 minute lunch break. Since I'm usually starving at lunch but now don't have time for sit down meal,  I'm experimenting with eating quick protein (ie Epic bar) and veg. Then about 90 minutes later, when I can sit down, I'm eating the second half of lunch with a small protein, carb and fat combo.


I feel like a beast in the gym! During Crossfit this morning, my WOD felt almost effortless - jump roping and overhead squats (so, so many squats). My single unders were a breeze - I think I'm *thisclose* to finally getting double unders. Pull up practice afterwards felt great - just got my first *independent* banded pull up. Huzzah! Sleeping like a rock, nails are ridiculously long. This second time around has been super easy so far and I'm already feeling the tiger blood.

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Today is day 12 of my W30. Some things that are happening around here:

- Obviously I am sucking at logging my food on here. But I'm ok with that because...

- It's been so easy to stick to the plan.

- Went out to dinner with friends - ate steak and sauteed veggies, drank club soda with lime. No problem! Not even tempted.

- I feel fantastic...most of the time.

- I woke up sick with a head cold yesterday. Spent the day resting and making bone broth. Drank bone broth last night. And again this am and at lunch.

- A day later, I feel about 80% better.

- I credit a healthy immune system, supported by my nutrient rich diet and the superpowers of bone broth.

- Bone broth = yum!

- I spent the afternoon prep cooking for the week. Hard boiled eggs, turkey meatballs, sweet potatoes, veggies. I'm planning to do cilantro lime chicken in the crockpot tomorrow. Still want to try Scotch Eggs but may have to wait until tomorrow to make those.

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