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Caroline's Digital Whole30 Log


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This is a test post. I'm on Day 10 of the Whole30, and am now discovering the Whole9 Forum.


Today I feel really nauseous, with a mixture of what feels like a bubbly sour stomach. I'm also really low on energy. Is this normal?


When I woke up I had a cup of coffee with coconut oil and a banana. I know I missed my veggies and protein, but I couldn't have eaten anything else due to the nausea.


I ate a little bit of beef stir fry for lunch, but not as much as I normally would have had I felt better.


I had an apple pie Lara Bar for a snack around 2 p.m., and a carrot-applesause pack around 5 p.m.


I haven't had any urges for anything off diet, but have just felt measly. I wonder could it be my body adjusting rapidly?


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Feeling sick to the point of nausea is not normal. It would help to know what you were eating 3 days before you began to feel sick and other factors like sleep, water consumption, stress, exercise, etc.

Thanks for replying so quickly! My meals have been pretty standard for the past three days, all containing the appropriate amounts of proteins, veggies and fats, and my sleep has been over 8 hours every night. I started back my workout regimen last night after a 5-day break, so maybe I stressed my body too much.

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