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Looking for suggestions: Picnic food


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I am attending a picnic on Saturday and am looking for suggestions for what I can make and bring. Everyone brings prepared foods, and we eat them cold (ie pizza, calzones, snacks).


I am already planning to bring veggies with homemade dip and fruit, but I am looking for protein suggestions--something that will taste good cold and hold up ok in a cooler and sitting out for a bit.


I have Well Fed 1 and 2, but nothing really jumped out at me.


Thanks in advance,


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Meatballs are good cold. I've made these Asian Meatballs before (I preferred the sweet potato cooked and mashed up in them, rather than just chopped). The Clothes Make The Girl has a bunch of meatball recipes on the blog. You could make a sauce to dip them in, or just eat them plain.


Or you could make up a chicken salad and have it in lettuce wraps. If you're worried about the mayo, depending on how long you'll be out and how warm it is, you can make it with avocado instead. 



eta: the Asian Meatball recipe link. oops.

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Nomnompaleo's Sliders, and prosciutto-wrapped peaches.





I skip the watercress when I make the peaches for others because the bitterness and intensity is too much for many.  The peaches were the first snack to run out at a recent gathering.


I use ground chicken in the sliders but they're great as is or with lamb.  Serving them cold with salsa works.

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You might look at Nom Nom Paleo's lunchbox/LunchBots series?


http://nomnompaleo.com/post/96418904348/paleo-lunchboxes-2014-part-7#more (this is the last entry in the series, there are links to the others at the bottom of the post)


I'm hoping to do some things similar to this over the weekend, where I'll be at a music festival which is likely to have no paleo/primal, let alone no Whole30-compliant, food options. 

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