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Whole 30 round 3


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Back again for round 3. First Whole 30 was in January 2013 and I had great results -- better sleep, fat loss, tiger blood etc. Second round was in March 2014 and my results were just meh. I went off birth control halfway through and my body freaked out while adjusting to my own hormones. No weight loss, no tiger blood, slept horribly, really bloated etc. 


Since then, I've really fallen off the wagon, eating a lot of grains and sugar and getting back to snacking throughout the day. That will be the hardest habit to break this time around. I'm excited to be doing this one with a friend and to see what this round teaches me!


Sept. 3, Day 1:

B: 2 eggs cooked in coconut oil, banana, almond butter

L: turkey breast, veggies dipped in mustard, avocado, nuts

S: larabar, few dried apricots

D: steak kabobs, grilled brussel sprouts with bacon, grapes

S: plantain chips, avocado


First day went really well. I'm hoping to phase out the snacks and abundant fruit over this first week as I get back to eating real, full meals and get my hunger in check.

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Day 2:

B: 3 eggs, avocado, few plantain chips, peach

L: Leftover steak, brussel sprouts, nuts, few dried apricots

S: apple with almond butter

D: salsa chicken with cauliflower rice, avocado, veggies


Day 2 went really well. I did have an afternoon snack, but it was a long day at work and held me over until I ate dinner around 7:30 pm. Usually, if I'm at work past 6 I get hangry. Not the case yesterday. In past Whole 30's, it's taken me a few days or a week to feel satiated like that.

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Day 3:

B: 3 eggs, avocado

L: salsa chicken, avocado, cauliflower rice, mixed nuts, few dried apricots

S: larabar

D: shrimp salad with peppers, carrots and cabbage, small apple with almond butter


Day 4:

B: eggs/veggie scramble with avocado, watermelon

L: chipotle salad (carnitas, guac, lots of pico)

D: burgers, salad, brussel sprouts, potato wedges



Feeling pretty good. Digestion is trying to adjust to the absence of sugar and grains. Even though I didn't eat much of them, a scone on the weekend or the occasional piece of candy had made its way into my diet.


I did a lot of prep yesterday and have more planned for today so we start out the week strong with a fridge full of food.

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Day 5:

B: eggs, veggies, avocado, bacon, watermelon

L: salad nicoise with tuna, green beans, hard boiled eggs, anchovies, olives

D: eggplant strata with chorizo/beef mixture, asparagus

S: small apple with almond butter


Initial gassiness is fading and I had a ton of energy yesterday. Can't believe week 1 is almost over!


Prepped much more yesterday and Saturday than before Day 1. The fridge is full of leftovers and ingredients for meals planned for later in the week.

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Day 6:

B: eggs, veggies, avocado, watermelon (still not sick of this yet!)

L: salsa chicken, cauliflower, avocado, plantain chips

D: leftover eggplant/sausage strata, brussel sprouts

S: banana with almond butter


I have had ZERO sugar cravings this time around but I did dream I ate a donut last night. I had a lot of dreams, but the only thing I remember last night was eating a chocolate glazed donut. It was delicious.

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Day 7:

B: eggs, turkey, veggies, avocado, apple

L: huge salad nicoise, watermelon

D: burgers, roasted sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts


Week 1 is done! This has been my easiest Whole 30 yet and I feel like I'm already feeling the benefits. I'm less tired, less hungry overall and felt stronger this morning in the gym.

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Day 8

B: turkey breast, carrots, dried apricots (rushed out the door)

L: eggplant sausage strata, asparagus, mixed nuts

D: roasted red pepper soup, chicken sausage, avocado


Day 9

B: eggs, red pepper soup, avocado, few plantain chips

L: salad nicoise

S: larabar

D: red pepper soup, chicken sausage, blueberries with almond butter


Looking forward to sitting down this weekend with some new cookbooks and finding recipes for next week. Whole 30 reminds me how much I love cooking... and hate doing dishes.

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Day 10

B: eggs, veggies, turkey, avocado, peach

L: eggplant sausage strata, red pepper soup

D: steak with chimichurri, purple potatoes and squash, fresh guava juice


Day 11

B: eggs, banana with almond butter

L: kale salad, chicken sausage, roasted potatoes

D: coconut shrimp with sauteed green beans


Day 12

B: eggs, veggies, avocado

L: leftover shrimp and green beans

D: butternut squash soup with chicken sausage, kale salad


Not sick of eggs yet! Can't believe I'm already closing in on week 2. Now that it's cooler, it's much easier to turn the oven on. No set menu yet for this week, but I'm sure it will involve a roast of some kind.

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Day 13:

B: eggs, avocado, pumpkin custard, peach

L: leftover coconut shrimp, green beans, larabar

D: steak, broccoli, roasted potatoes

S: apple with almond butter


Day 14:

B: eggs, avocado, peach

L: butternut squash soup, chicken sausage, apple

D: steak fajitas, gauc, kale salad, plantain chips


I dreamed of donuts again last night. Not sure why -- I usually eat a donut like, once every few months.


I'm definitely sleeping better, which I'm sure along with eating more carbs is better fueling my time at the gym. I've also had some spurts of energy, which have allowed me to better utilize my time at work and at home.

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Day 15

B: eggs, steak, potatoes (PWO)

L: leftover fajitas wrapped in lettuce, guac, plantain chips, peach

S: larabar

D: chicken sausage, baba ganoush, veggies, olives


Day 16

B: eggs, tomatoes, baba ganoush, peach

L: giant salad with roasted turkey breast, potatoes in olive oil

D: chicken breast, kale sauteed in olive oil, few potatoes (PWO), strawberries


totally on autopilot now and can't believe I'm over halfway through.


I have an all-day training tomorrow, lunch provided. Planning a Plan B lunch and snacks I can eat quickly if there aren't paleo options: sardines (obviously have to leave the room for this), an apple, nuts, larabars

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