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Finally frustrated enough for my First Whole 30


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I've wandered to the Whole9 website on and off, and checked out It Starts with Food from the library over a year ago.  I agreed with it all, but asking me to do all that?  I can barely get dinner on the table for the family some nights, let alone plan out how to do it without whining over where's the wheat & dairy.


I've done all sorts of crazy "diets" before and lots of exercise programs that fizzled, so I don't know why this concept seemed so strange.  But I finally was so frustrated with my lack of energy for sports and keeping up with kids and life, that I just decided "what the hell, it's only 30 days."


This time though, I came up with a plan.  I picked a month without any major holidays or birthdays, since baked goods (i.e. cake) get me every time.  And I came up with a list of meals that I could fix or alter from my family's regular ones--so no battles over eating my crazy meals for dinner.  Plus, I batch cooked the day before I started, so that there were lots of hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken, roasted veggies and such that I could put together for each day's meals and in case of emergency.


I'm just on Day 4 today, but it's longer than I've lasted on a lot of other plans.  I find it funny how my life seems to mirror the Whole30 emails that I signed up for.  Yesterday I was yawning through the afternoon carpool, then finally read about being sleepy during Day 3.  Today, I've been fighting cravings, as I passed places that I normally would've stopped for a "well-deserved snack."  


What's flooring me is that once I acknowledge the craving and tell myself not today b/c I'm on Whole30, I realize that I need to spend some time learning how to relax, celebrate and reward myself without food.  It's definitely not a reward 10 minutes after I finish, feeling guilty and bloated.  


I'm really nervous about the rest of the month, and how I'll do, as well as what all I'll find out about my relationship with food and eating.  I'm really scared about what comes after the Whole30 . . . will I revert back to my old habits?  But right now, I'm just on Day 4.  So I'm going to enjoy the day and break in an hour for chicken with buffalo sauce and roasted veges.  


One day at a time...

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Excellent on making it to day four!  You got this!


Yes - take this whole process one day at a time.  You will find that the first 10 days are basically the worst and the hardest.  Making it through the first week is such a genuine success!  After the first 10 days it gets better.  Maybe not easier for some, but it does get better.  You will still have moments where you will do anything for a peice of something sweet, but learn to distract yourself.  Make a list of distractions for when these moments hit.


If you want to reward yourself do so - but not with food!  Reward yourself with a magazine, a new cookbook, a manicure, or a massage, or a good book, or some knitting yarn, or a class you have been wanting to do for so long!  Basically whatever interests you and will keep you motivated to keep going.  This is about healing you.

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