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why is sleep affected?


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Basically the general round up is this:  The different foods we eat affects our hormones.  Hormones affect our sleep. 


So if you are changing your eating patterns - ie from Standard American diet to a whole 30 type one your hormones automatically go - Whoa - you're changing what you're eating.  We need to adjust!  So part of this "adjustment" is from changing over your energy source from sugar - to fat.  It takes some time to do this.  You cannot expect your body to change over seamlessly.  Hence why it affects your sleep, and you feel tired for the first week.  This is all normal.


However once you get through this phase your energy levels should become very level.  meaning you don't have that 11 am crash, and the 3 pm crash. And you won't feel like crashing on the couch at 7pm.  I was pretty skeptical of this when I first started 2 years ago.  But when the good sleep and energy hit on day 22 - it was a gift I wasn't expecting.

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