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I'm not sure if I need to start over….


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Hello all. I hope I'm posting in the right category. I started my first Whole30 a few days ago on Sept. 1st. I saw that some Larabars are permitted, as long as the ingredients are compliant. I ate a blueberry muffin one and it has vanilla extract in the ingredients. I forgot that vanilla extract isn't permitted, so my question is do I have to start over? It wouldn't be the worse thing since it's only day 4, but I was reading a post elsewhere on the forum and one user responded to someone saying they don't have to start over (just don't continue to eat it) even though she had a blueberry larabar.


I only had the Larabar because I was stuck somewhere and wasn't going to be home in time for lunch, and was feeling the hunger pains come on.



Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you!




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