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Restaurants in Davenport, IA?

Della Nova

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Hi Everyone,


I am post-Whole30 but taking an extended reintroduction phase.  I will be travelling to Davenport, Iowa, from Michigan during Sept 15-19 and would like suggestions for possible restaurants/fast-food. 


I primarily interested in restaurants that allow meal-customization (like buffets).  Local examples in Michigan would be:

  1. Leaf - new restaurant chain which is just a huge salad buffet (the perfect Paleo place for lunch!)
  2. Basement Burger Bar - small local restaurant chain that allows you to order completely customized burgers (even bun-free) and large salads  (also perfect for Paleo eating!)
  3. Chipotle - you can customize your dish here with Whole30-compliant options
  4. Mongolian Barbecue - non-compliant sauces, but again it's basically a buffet where they stir-fry your meal


Are there similar places you an recommend around the Davenport area?  Or other chains I may not be familiar with?


Thank you!

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I found some options, but, since I'm not a local, I can't actually attest to their quality.  I travel next week, so I'll update this thread with the results.


The best option similar to what I have locally seems to be HuHot, which is like Mongolian Barbecue.  I was impressed by the detail of their allergy-menu.  http://www.huhot.com/Menu/Create_a_Meal


Another option seems to be Ganzos, as it actually has a Paleo-menu! http://www.ganzos.com/menu.html   (but would need to specify no cheese or sour cream)


There are of course other restaurants with gluten-free options, but most of them sub rice or include cheese.  Other restaurants have salad options, but I was hoping to find more customizable restaurants for variety.

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