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So it is my first time doing the whole30 and I am now on day 5!! I am quite happy with myself, I've held on for so long...maybe cause I don't know what's ahead :P. For me it is a big milestone considering that for 10 straight years of my life I have been quite obese and eating amazing breads and sugars and pastas...I mean junk! Day 4 was the haaardest day for me so far. Sugar Dragon.....mine had two heads. However I slayed it and woke up quite proud of myself cause I thought I was going to die the day before. Watching master chef was probably not the best idea either :rolleyes:.

I am getting ready to prep for week two and wasn't having many ideas come to mind on food I can make but I have come across instagrams whole30recipes...HALLELUJAH!!!! some of the stuff on their looks mighty fine....now I don't know what I should try first.

I don't have any support through this except for the awesome daily "love newsletters" sent to my email daily from the gang at whole30! I am pushing in and pressing hard for the next 25 days! Oh gosh that just seemed so daunting, I'll push in for the next 5 then 5 after and 5 after that....



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