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Sept 1 Start - Any ladies willing to share their journey?


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It is day 6 for me and I am so tired I can barely type. Thanks goodness it is Saturday.

It seems that I am right on track with the Whole30 timeline. 


A little be about me.

I am FAT!!!!  It took me till day 4 to weigh and measure myself because I just didn't want to face the truth.

Once I weighed and measured I cried as I have never been so big in my life.  I now out weigh my partner and my waist is larger than his.  I gave myself a day to feel sorry for myself but now I am doing the best I can do each day and not feeling bad about how I look.


I am blessed to have a man who loves me and supports me in every way.


I am 42 years old and am an American living in Austria.   I have no children and i have no one to blame but myself for myself.


I am hoping that the Whole30 will work. My biggest fear is that I will have done this and it will have done nothing for me as currently i think i eat well and exercise regularly but i do nothing but gain weight.


Cheers to day 31.

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Hi there!


On Day 13 here. I'm also very overweight with only myself to blame (we're everywhere!) :)


Now that I'm nearly halfway through, I can't say everything is a breeze and that I don't still have cravings/anxiety, but I can say this...


We are worth it. We are worth the day-long energy that's finally kicking in. We are worth good food that does good things for us. We are worth feeling good about ourselves at any weight.


Sending you lots of hope and support. We can do this.



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Emmaglow, you can do this! And how wonderful that you have a supportive partner. That will make all the difference.

I've found that this is really helping me be honest with myself about my eating. I can eat a perfectly balanced, paleo meal no problem, but I cheat in little ways all day, and I'm really understanding that now that I can't do it anymore. Maybe you'll have some similar insights.

Hang in there! You ARE so worth it!

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find a thread you can join in this forum for support and advise. I'm on 2 great ones you could join in on. Starting my Whole30 25th August and Starting Monday 25th August. Just come and join us. Everyone is so friendly and will support you and motivate you.


We're all here for the same reasons. To feel better, loose weight, get more energy or just better overall heath. Your not in this alone.


Before starting this program I was falling asleep between 7-8pm everynight trying to watch tv. Didn't sleep good at night and never had any energy. I'm on day 14 now and haven't fallen asleep watching tv in the last week. Granted I've been camping for the last 4 days. But I've had more energy and am starting to sleep better already.


Not going to say this is easy because giving up dairy and sugar is pretty hard. So are grains, but it's worth it.

Stay strong


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