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Starting tomorrow: September 7/14


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Hey there everyone.

I am all set to start my W30 tomorrow, Sept 7/14. I would love a ride along buddy and also hook up with any folks who are a week or so ahead.

I am a 47 year old mom of 5, grandmother of 2. I am a type II diabetic and have about 50lbs to lose.

Those are my issues!

Looking forward to this journey.


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Hi, I started on Sept 2 and so far so good.  I am 54 and this is the first time I have done this.  I have always been pretty good at eating healthy and I am lucky because I feel pretty good, sleep good and don't have much weight to lose.  I have never cut out sugar, beans, grains or dairy completely, I always just had controlled portions and ate a lot of food that wasn't processed, tried to use organics when possible.


I wasn't sure about this but I decided to do it in honor of a friend that has terminal cancer.  She is younger than me and it is hard to know that she probably will never have grand kids, something that has added so much to my life.  She doesn't have choices and if I can't give up things like cream and sugar in my coffee than shame on me. 


I have a pretty strong will once I make my mind up so I am hoping I'll do okay.  I am one of those people that weigh every morning, come rain or shine, so not knowing what is going on for 30 day will probably drive me crazy.  I am also kind of nervous thinking that I won't see big results because of eating on the healthy side already. 


Anyway, I've done good so far.  Got through a banquet where I carried salad fixings in my purse and added them to lettuce so I wouldn't have to eat from the buffet.  The biggest thing that is bugging me right now is the black coffee.  I really am craving cup with my stevia and cream, didn't think I would miss it so much.  Good luck to you on the journey.

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