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FInding the balance during Reintro


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Day 34

Reintroducing: legumes


I finished my Whole30 and am now going into Reintroduction phase.  I lost 14 pounds and 2 inches off my hips, 1.5 from my waist.  I have been delaying starting the reintro because I just wasn't quite ready.  I did relax a little bit about some things over the last few days- I finally went out to eat at a restaurant, for example.  I had fish and veggies, but I didn't worry about what it was cooked in or the light sauce it was served with.  I also had a chicken salad with bottled buffalo wing sauce, which I would have avoided on the diet.  Yesterday I made homemade fish fry (perch fried in tallow) with roasted potatoes and carrots.  I have not had white potatoes since Whole30.  These little changes make a difference in making me feel like I have reasonable options but am also still in control of what I'm eating. 


So this morning I had peanut butter with celery for breakfast as part of my legume reintro.  It didn't taste as wonderful as I remembered... I rather prefer almond butter now I think.  So far no discomfort or symptoms.  I'm not going to do beans because I already know that beans make me bloated and gassy and I don't have any in the house to eat. 


As I move beyond Whole30 there are several new habits I have developed that I want to continue:


1.  Eat three meals a day.  Avoid skipping meals and snacking.


I was initially pretty skeptical about this rule but it has worked out really well for me.  The only time I was hungry on this diet was right before I was due to have my next meal.  I think this really helped control cravings and keep my willpower up.  It's also a lot easier to say no to little temptations when you make a rule that you don't eat outside of meal time. 


2.  Consider the sugar, gluten, and chemical additive content of foods before eating them.


Now, I am definitely going to be eating sugar and gluten at some point.  We will see how my gluten reintro goes, but I am not planning on becoming completely gluten free.  HOWEVER, I do want to continue to consider my food choices and be AWARE of sugar, gluten, etc, when it is in my food.  If I eat it, I want to do so consciously (and with no guilt!).


3.  Embrace healthy fats (in moderation), and include protein with every meal.


I really was surprised that I lost any weight with the amount of fat I felt like I was eating on this diet.  I have now embraced that fat does NOT make you fat, and it is a very helpful in providing energy and satiety.  Coconut oil is my new best friend.  I have also abandoned my old "carrot sticks and an apple" for lunch philosophy.  Adding the protein and fat really makes a difference in not binging on something worse for you later.  Yes, it adds calories, but if you eat in moderation this will not be an issue.




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