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Tinkerbell's Life After Whole30


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My whole30 ended 9/4 and I continued to eat compliantly until day 32. I broke it with 1.5 glasses of Pinot Grigio when my aerial group went out to dinner to celebrate after a performance. It was worth especially as we spent several hours at the bar waiting for a table. I had steak and veggies for dinner. Today I have a slight headache and feel a little sluggish. Basically I know my body isn't running smoothly like it usually does. I had a lot of fun with my friends and it was a great night. Definitely worth it. I don't drink very often anyways so this doesn't change all that much.

I'll keep everything w30 compliant before reintro-ing anything else. Currently, I only want to re-intro off-plan items when it's worth it, like last night was. We'll see how it goes!


Alcohol re-intro (wine)

Verdict: worth it on special occasions with friends keeping in mind the consequence of a headache and sluggishness

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